ABC National News UPDATE: On the Minnetonka Ice Sunday and Monday (22nd and 23rd)


I have just gotten off the phone with the producers at ABC News GMA Weekend Edition. They are looking at coming to Minnetonka on Sunday(22nd) and Monday(23rd). Sunday would be filming the racing and iceboats sailing around as well as few sound bites. Monday would be sailing with the correspondent which I will arrange on the side. If you are around and can sail on Monday, please feel free to come out.

Saturday we should get out on the ice as well. Let's do some races. I am volunteering my time to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the shoot tells are really great story.

A Beautiful Day to Sail

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ABC National News and GMA to film on Lake Minnetonka

Greetings fellow Iceboaters,

A few weeks ago I got a call from ABC News regarding Iceboating on Minnetonka, and spot to be featured on Good Morning America's Weekend Edition. The details are still coming together and will be finalized mid-week. I have been organizing this with a few iceboaters to make sure we have some key pieces covered.

2012 DN Western Regional Photos - Jan 9, 2012

Alot more to edit, over 1,500, here's about 50 to get started
Photos from Saturday, January 7, Green Lake; Spicer, MN

gretchen dorian photography

Angle Runners for Sale

Set of 3 36" Stainless Angles for Sale,

Hard Rock Maple bodies, 316L stainless with studs welded, sharpened to 100 degrees,

with cover (of sorts) and parking brake. First $700 will own them

Contact me at Six onetwo 868 seven947, worldiceracingcircuit(at)gmail

Will send photos by email they're not uploading here.

Think Ice

Time to Scout some ICE!!!

Thinking about waconia or green lake in spicer,MN. If we can find a good sheet of ice,it could be a site in the running for the western regional regatta.

DN Central Region Championship - Lake City, MI

Thursday - December 29, 2011
Lake Missaukee, Lake City, MI

photos are posted, more to come

Action From Thunder Bay

Here is the sheet we are racing on.Lot of older DN's but hey the are still DN's.

Lake Union Video

Great day on Lake Union. Check out video on YouTube at

YouTube Crash Compilation

Let's be careful out there for 2012!

Check out Prior Lake iceboating on you tube

if the snow stays away try Prior with me..

Any local ice for this weekend ??

Does anybody have any local ice reports? Tonka? WBL? Waconia? Any prospects for this weekend??

Well that was fun

Well, I had a great regatta!

Congratulations to Ron Sherry for his win, getting five firsts and throwing out a 4th.. great job, he was really fast!

That was the best I have ever done at our season opener, a fifth overall. Almost all top ten finishes (one eleventh). I even picked up a third on the first race. That felt pretty cool.

The Minnesota crew also did a great job with Mark C (the Doctor) winning the tie on Sunday over a very fast Steve O from team PISS. Tom Verburgt and Mike Miller had a good battle going for the Silver fleet with Tom besting Mike.

The Season of Joy Starts Here! ™

Fifty DN's set up on the Legendary Lake Christina's most alluring ice, 20n more in the parking lot, more on the road. A perfect sheet of ice more than 5" thick, a warm breeze at 10-15... sailors from three continents, six or so countries, ready to celebrate the Season of Joy, IceBoating!

Everything is shaping up for Epicity starting about sunrise today.

The Great Western Challenge Regatta™ 2011, Milepost 8, Lake Christina, Ashby, Minnesota. First race 10:00 Two Fleets Planned. 10-15 rookies waiting in the wings for that first sail...

The Great Western Challenge, another tack...

Short course sailing will be entering it's exciting 6th season this winter, after 5 seasons of development here in Minnesota, and The IceMaker's working on another season, like the ice it's crystallizing now.

The project has spawned other short course experiments in Canada and Sweden, it's not going away, it's growing, evolving, changing and getting better across a broad audience. While our track racing was shortened last winter, track development continued, we saw 50 mph laps on the oval with 4 boats on the track at one time.

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