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Iceboat Special: ABC Good Morning America Saturday March 10th

Iceboat Special on ABC News Good Morning America Weekend Edition

The special will be airing tomorrow, Saturday, March 10th. 7am(Central), 8am(Eastern).


ABC - GMA Update - Spot Pushed

ABC - GMA Update. Received an email this morning stating that the piece is being held. One of our friends on the project is exceptionally ill. We will be given a new air date. My apologies. We should see it on soon.

Sunday, February 5th - Iceboating Special on ABC News - Good Morning America

The special that was filmed over a 3 day period on Lake Minnetonka will air this Sunday morning on ABC.

UPDATE: ABC On-Site this Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Lake Minnetonka. (21, 22, 23)

Due to potential snow on Sunday the producer(film guy) will be coming in on Friday night and we will start the filming on Saturday. The correspondent, Ginger Zee, will be out on Monday.

Let's aim to start the first of the races at around noon on Saturday.

I will be organizing with the producer on Saturday morning. For the time being he and I will be meeting at Harry's.

Things should just happen naturally.

If Sunday looks nice we will also be filming.

ABC National News UPDATE: On the Minnetonka Ice Sunday and Monday (22nd and 23rd)


I have just gotten off the phone with the producers at ABC News GMA Weekend Edition. They are looking at coming to Minnetonka on Sunday(22nd) and Monday(23rd). Sunday would be filming the racing and iceboats sailing around as well as few sound bites. Monday would be sailing with the correspondent which I will arrange on the side. If you are around and can sail on Monday, please feel free to come out.

Saturday we should get out on the ice as well. Let's do some races. I am volunteering my time to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the shoot tells are really great story.

ABC National News and GMA to film on Lake Minnetonka

Greetings fellow Iceboaters,

A few weeks ago I got a call from ABC News regarding Iceboating on Minnetonka, and spot to be featured on Good Morning America's Weekend Edition. The details are still coming together and will be finalized mid-week. I have been organizing this with a few iceboaters to make sure we have some key pieces covered.

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