Any local ice for this weekend ??

Does anybody have any local ice reports? Tonka? WBL? Waconia? Any prospects for this weekend??


Green Lake / Spicer Mn

Green Lake has 4 to 6 inches of ice. I'll try it sat early afternoon....public beach and launch area on south west corner of the lake....Mels gas and sports across the street and what used to be Little Melvins next door to the east.


Glad to see your'e gonna get

Glad to see your'e gonna get the boat out Paul. Have upi sailed it much? are you having fun with it?


DN 5050

DN 5050

Lake Jenny, Meeker County

I plan on sailing there Sat. afternoon. It looks like 1088 acres of snow free ice. Short walk from south landing was glass. 3 Fish houses further out. Perhaps some enterprising person could check out more of the lake on Fri. I suggest going on from the north landing and leaving before dusk so as not disturb the walleye fishermen. I begged last year but not this time. As my late Daddy said, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.


Lake Waconia

Lake froze Sunday night, Tuesday saw a fox trotting out to check on a group of 5 bald eagles & some ducks in a hole between the island & point (near town, south side of lake). No other large holes seen. Lots of pressure cracks very visible with a trace of snow--makes the cracks really show up. Might be good by Thurs or Fri given the night temps. I'll post when I see someone on the ice. Feel free to call 952-442-4741--Marilyn or Greg.

Fri Dec 9--portable fishouses popping up--ice looks smooth, no holes, light frosty coating, pressure cracks very visible & numerous--come & enjoy 3000 acres of fun. Chili available at Island View Golf course, east shore on Hwy 92.

Swede has been walked on... the LAKAWA guys (kiters). 2" black ice on Saturday 11/3. Some brave folks were fishing it. Should be ready to go by now.


If I were curious...

I heard rumors there's a contemplated Nite Regatta waiting in the wings for some ice. The onus should be on them.

Local lakes are in the process of kicking now, if the IceMaker was looking for a great site this morning, he'd head towards Buffalo, with a big cup of caribou coffee.

Christina is as we left her, and as we found her, Flawless. With all this talk about local lakes, has to feel a bit used right now. Nothing a good snowfall won't fix.


Minnewaska I'd drive past her on my way to Christina, just to check, it's a very sweet place to sail, great access, friendly people, good on shore stuff.

Osakis: Should be excellent right now, lagged Christina in freeze by 4 days.

Buffalo Lake, Buffalo, There are two persistently pesky places where she freezes a little later, the "Bloom hole" and the "Do Not Dismount The Boat on One Inch or Less of Ice" Flats, that's where I'd go, check those two places and see if they bear my weight, test them.

Pulaski should still be open water.