Thunder Bay Ice

Here is what a lot of the Inland Lakes are looking like.Very little dusting of snow over 3-4" of smooth black ice.

Iceboat Special: ABC Good Morning America Saturday March 10th

Iceboat Special on ABC News Good Morning America Weekend Edition

The special will be airing tomorrow, Saturday, March 10th. 7am(Central), 8am(Eastern).


Sailed Prior Lake Today

pretty good ice on Prior ...sailed all morning till noon. 19 mph winds and good ice in front of Sand Pointe Beach Park and me straight across on Fairlawn Shores ..light winds tomorrow ,My boat is still up

2012 Northwestern :: Day 3

That was a great regatta. Day 3 and no sailing, too windy, except for the DN's sailing down to the starting area.. to find out that it was blowing over 30mph and racing was called off. There were five of us that ventured out. I tried to go upwind in some sort of racing trim, but quickly eased out and throttled off.. JD tried and got a gust that lifted the boat off the ice..

So racing was done, and the awards ceremony was done in the 30mph winds with all our DN friends gathered around and making a good wind block.

JD First, steve0 Second, Davenport Third..

Northwestern :: Day 2

Another great day on Green Bay!

Two more races for all four fleets. Super interesting skitter races with Jay and Dan having a great battle.

Sunny and fair winds.

After the second DN race I got to trim the Haywire and had a great race

The Northwestern :: Day 1

3:00pm Friday
Green Bay, Lake Michigian
City of Green Bay, WI
Northwestern As it should be

Happy to report, after the second try the Northwestern Regatta had a great first day. Two races were raced in all four fleets.

Nice long course with a medium breeze. Snow flurries on the ice.. with a spots of older, stickier drifts, and no hazards that I saw.

Fleets consisted of the DN, Renegade, Skeeter, and Stern Steerers. We all raced on one long course and the starting area was close to the launch area, so that made it nice if you wanted to come in and change equipment, or have a snack.

ABC - GMA Update - Spot Pushed

ABC - GMA Update. Received an email this morning stating that the piece is being held. One of our friends on the project is exceptionally ill. We will be given a new air date. My apologies. We should see it on soon.

Sunday, February 5th - Iceboating Special on ABC News - Good Morning America

The special that was filmed over a 3 day period on Lake Minnetonka will air this Sunday morning on ABC.

Lake Pepin Report for Friday, Feb 3, 2012

Report at the boat ramp NW of Lake City. 12" inches of ice...measured. About 50% Slush and ice. Condition poor for sailing today. The lake was about 75% snow covered a week ago. Forecast? Who knows.

Thunder Bay Ice boating

Ross Owen,an artist who lives on Lake Superior has been generous enough to invite Ice boaters to use his property as access to the Lake.
Check out his Website,as he has some great shots and Video of sailing out in front of his place .Some shots are from yesterday and some from last year with my ice boating buddies Bruce Wegger and Kurt Martinson from MN.
While your on the site check out the Kayak Sailing boat Ross built.

Minnetonka Status

Anyone checking Lake Minnetonka? Too much snow?
What's the status for sailing Saturday or Sunday?

SE Iowa

Sailed off Sandy Beach at the Coralville Rez last week on 8" ice. The crust is now gone and the winds are picking up.

UPDATE: ABC On-Site this Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Lake Minnetonka. (21, 22, 23)

Due to potential snow on Sunday the producer(film guy) will be coming in on Friday night and we will start the filming on Saturday. The correspondent, Ginger Zee, will be out on Monday.

Let's aim to start the first of the races at around noon on Saturday.

I will be organizing with the producer on Saturday morning. For the time being he and I will be meeting at Harry's.

Things should just happen naturally.

If Sunday looks nice we will also be filming.

ABC National News UPDATE: On the Minnetonka Ice Sunday and Monday (22nd and 23rd)


I have just gotten off the phone with the producers at ABC News GMA Weekend Edition. They are looking at coming to Minnetonka on Sunday(22nd) and Monday(23rd). Sunday would be filming the racing and iceboats sailing around as well as few sound bites. Monday would be sailing with the correspondent which I will arrange on the side. If you are around and can sail on Monday, please feel free to come out.

Saturday we should get out on the ice as well. Let's do some races. I am volunteering my time to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the shoot tells are really great story.

A Beautiful Day to Sail

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