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that works good...

I relaunched the site.

Today I sent out emails to the previous users of I also posted a message at the idniyra bbs

The relaunch looks pretty sucessful.

We got two new users, welcome aboard icesailr, and yankeeboyc152,

One super cool picture post. Dan Clapp at 2003 ISA

And I found a boom. It happens that quick.
I think a dozen users out of seventy logged back in, not to bad.. Maybe more later, i hope i didn't alienate anybody by having the site dark for so long. At one time I think we had 30 guests..

Image gallery is going..

We can now post pictures, or I can batch load a bunch of pics. The personal gallery is a bit funky. No folders on personal gallery pages.. but that's okay.


I'm playing around with the themes... so you might be getting a different look.. but it's the same stuff..


We got our first response in the forums.

I think we are about to go live.

I would like to get the FAQ, and photo Gallery going..


got the old users loaded up..

and holy crap there are almost 70 users.. i had no idea..

think ice..

I'm starting to get the hang of the dow of drupal

I've got the forums going, now I want to import the old site users into this site. oh yea, and polls..

starting to mess with drupal..

I'm going to turn on the forum's and a poll, then see about style and image config.

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