Image gallery is going..

We can now post pictures, or I can batch load a bunch of pics. The personal gallery is a bit funky. No folders on personal gallery pages.. but that's okay.


I'm playing around with the themes... so you might be getting a different look.. but it's the same stuff..


We got our first response in the forums.

I think we are about to go live.

I would like to get the FAQ, and photo Gallery going..


got the old users loaded up..

and holy crap there are almost 70 users.. i had no idea..

think ice..

I'm starting to get the hang of the dow of drupal

I've got the forums going, now I want to import the old site users into this site. oh yea, and polls..

starting to mess with drupal..

I'm going to turn on the forum's and a poll, then see about style and image config.

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