Boat on Ice

Drive on ice

Sleeping Giant

You can sail right out to giant.

Great Sailing In Thunder Bay

Miles of ice over 2' thick

Boat on ice

Only issue,was getting boat to ice.

Sleeping Giant

Nice back ground

Pie Island

perfect Ice all the way out

Here is Snow cover

this is the amount of snow

Black Ice Returns to Thunder Bay

Miles of Black ice with a dusting of snow.Fantastic day on the ice,great winds mild temps.

My spy at Lake McBride

tells me that there was a DN sailing there Thursday. Amazing considering all the open water in these parts.

Plank Decals

Decals on my plank

Ten Reasons to Sail Short Courses on Clear Big Ice.

1. There's no Wall to run into.

2. Bigger courses and fleets are possible.

3. GPS Tracks from Clear Ice Short Course Races tell organizers what they should really be plowing for courses, when the time comes.

4. It's cheap easy and fast, just like laying down a starting line.

5. It's better on small ponds, more places to sail = more times to sailing.

6. You'll feel better letting somebody sail your boat there.

7. It's easy for rookies to sail, and as they have nothing to run into, much safer for them and others.

Tell me this makes any sense at all, will ya?

What were they thinking? Or were they thinking at all?

We have a DN Class Association that Governs the Class and here's why;

"With the following stated purpose.

'To promote, protect, and perpetuate DN one design iceboating, to advance the art and skill of DN Ice Yacht construction and sailing aw well as the future development of the DN Class Ice Yacht and the sport of Ice Yachting on all the hard waters of the world.'"

Sound nice doesn't it, what a laudable reason to exist, it's not the mission, that's subordinate to the charter.

Thunder Bay Sailing

Spent the afternoon out track sailng, 3/4 mile long by 50 yds wide track plowed and flooded on Lake Superior.They use it for motorcycle Ice racing on Sundays.Every other day of the week it is not used and I was given the warm welcome to come back any time and bring friends.Nice location you can pull your vehicles right out on the ice beside the track.Ice was 14" thick, black and very smooth.

The Derusha Shop

Derusha (us2525) opened up his shop to the tired and wayward iceboaters and the champions of the sport..

He has a great shop with so many great Iceboats in it.. to many to mention, but the main gal is "The Deb". It has a new hull that is as big as The Duce. It looks great with the new stainless.



He also has a really nice Cub.. That actually runs and you can take it out for a spin... And I did..

I un-coupled the brakes so that you could brake each wheel independently and took it out for a spin..

Dang It!

Well that sucks.
Green Bay

We couldn't find a place to hold the 2011 North American Championship. We looked up at little bay de nac in northern green bay, we looked half-way down in cedar river... JD and Tommy walked (because it was blowing so hard) way out on the ice.. and fell down and hit their heads.. but we didn't find any sailable ice.

Green Bay
It was all covered in snow.. sometimes it looked promising with 1-2" of fluffy snow and then there would be more hard drifts that would stop a boat.

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