The Season of Joy Starts Here! ™

Fifty DN's set up on the Legendary Lake Christina's most alluring ice, 20n more in the parking lot, more on the road. A perfect sheet of ice more than 5" thick, a warm breeze at 10-15... sailors from three continents, six or so countries, ready to celebrate the Season of Joy, IceBoating!

Everything is shaping up for Epicity starting about sunrise today.

The Great Western Challenge Regatta™ 2011, Milepost 8, Lake Christina, Ashby, Minnesota. First race 10:00 Two Fleets Planned. 10-15 rookies waiting in the wings for that first sail...

That pesky Texas Hooker, the twisted joyless depression, always drawn to the new ice is keeping her misery and fallout snow south of us this year, we have places to run if we must, but no need to do so. Ha Ha, you missed us, you biatch.

Texas Hooker
Same as a Panhandle Hooker - low pressure systems that originate in the panhandle region of Texas and Oklahoma which initially move east and then "hook" or recurve more northeast toward the upper Midwest or Great Lakes region. In winter, these systems usually deposit heavy snows north of their surface track. Thunderstorms may be found south of the track.

Sometimes it doesn't pay much, but that quiet confidence you get to carry when you know you're the best in the world at something, something like making the ice, it's pretty sweet. :) I don't need a sail today to be smilin.

(c)2011 - Mark "The IceMaker" Kiefer, Milepost 8, Minnesota, All Rights Reserved


A few pictures from today

What a great day of iceboating!!

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Dirk Siems
DN US445