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Ken Smith rounding turn one at the 2009 St. Paul Winter Carnival

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Waiting for that first shoe to drop... Ice and Weather

While I'd love to get into the shop and get the old "38" boat ready for an Ice Checking and Regatta planning trip, and I sure hope to get to the ice...

I have this nagging feeling the while everybody's going to grin after the weekend up north...

That "Panhandle Hooker"... will that buzz killer depression storm show up again? Which are the next 5 to freeze if we lose what looks like top of the Epicity Scale locations in the works. Will she stay away?

Get the ice when you can. Let me know what you're finding...

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Season Begins

Boat set up and ready to go.

Alternate Plank Mounting Plates

OK, so bear with me on this. I may have read the plans wrong..

I recently upgraded to the alternate plank attachment set-up. When I laid everything out for the bottom side of the hull, I noticed that the plates were right at the outbord edge of the hull (with the centerline of the bolt holes at 16" OC). I drilled 1" holes for the socket, but is seems like they are really close to the side board.

Was there a tolerance I missed? Was I allowed to move them further inboard to make the attachment easier?

Thanks in advance,

ICEBOAT Article - SAIL Magazine - December 2011

There is a 4 page iceboat article which is
featured in the December 2011 Issue of "SAIL" magazine.
Article written by Deb Whitehorse
Photos by Gretchen Dorian


Three Boats in One - Trimaran, Iceboat and Skiboat

Urban Boatbuilders is a youth development agency serving at-risk kids in the Twin Cities area. We build wood canoes and boats. We were given an unusual boat. We really don't know much about it. It is a trimaran, which we've had on the water a time or two. We were told that it can be converted to become an iceboat or a skiboat. To me it really looks like two boats that might share masts and sails. It is interesting and a bit of a puzzler. I'll try to attach a picture of it as a trimaran and a picture that shows some of its iceboatiness. We have a room full of other equipment for it.

New Plank

All ready for the attachments, finnally have time to cut grass and put hockey rink back together before the cold weather comes.Summers are only two weeks long up here.
Special thanks to Scott Brown,Mike Bloom,Geoff Sobering and Bob Gray for all there advice.
Start and finish pictures.

Little Passenger

She likes rough ice and chasing DN's.


Not to be outdone by all the photos Graham Eriwin posted for the past season, my photo-blog will feature "Iceboat Week": for the next seven days there will be a new iceboat photo at:

Repair Finished


Pictures of Plank for sale

here are some pics,Struble shocks epoxied on,Canadian decal is free.

Perfect Weekend of Sailing ,Almost

After a great sail on Saturday and part of Sunday the fun came to a crashing halt when I dropped my port runner into a pressure crack.30 miles of beautifull Ice and I got greedy and tried to go a bit further then I had scouted.Good news is there seems to be min. damage as the hull plates basically pulled off.Bad news is I was 5 miles from the launch site.Made for a long lonely "walk of shame".

Ice boating on Superior

Some action from the Weekend.

Sun up late

Picture taken at 7:30 P.M.

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