The Great Western Challenge, another tack...

Short course sailing will be entering it's exciting 6th season this winter, after 5 seasons of development here in Minnesota, and The IceMaker's working on another season, like the ice it's crystallizing now.

The project has spawned other short course experiments in Canada and Sweden, it's not going away, it's growing, evolving, changing and getting better across a broad audience. While our track racing was shortened last winter, track development continued, we saw 50 mph laps on the oval with 4 boats on the track at one time.

For those who have never undertaken a creative project, invention is a difficult, we take experiments like track length and width variables and test to see when the boats fly off the track, we test the concepts, and objectively analyze what works and what doesn't, and reload for another set of tests...

The Great Western Challenge, the event where this concept of short track sailing emerged, is the perfect place to talk about, and test the innovations that will be the future of our sport. This event was conceived as the place where learning happens.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this subject on the Epic Ice of the Great Western Challenge Regatta, as we celebrate the beginning of a new and exciting season.

If you have thoughts about any other commercial project in IceBoating, I might be able to help. To learn more about doing business on the ice, marketing and media opportunities in a green and extreme sport, contact,

Mark "The IceMaker" Kiefer
Commercial Rights Holder:
World Ice Racing Circuit(TM)
Great Western Challenge Regatta (TM)
The Johnson Cup(TM)


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