December Regattas in the West

Hello Race Fans,

We have two regattas coming up.

1st Regatta is the unsanctioned Great Western Challenge. This one is scheduled for best ice in Minnesota on the first weekend in December. December 5th, 6th, & 7th. Friday is always the best day and, as always, never and entry fee. Very informal. We do ask that you become a member of the IDNIYRA to help promote the sport of iceboating.

2nd Regatta is the 2014 IDNIYRA Western Regional Regatta. Mike Miller, from Minnesota, is the Western Regional Rear Commodore and you can expect updates for that regatta to also appear on this site. We tried to get it in last season, but we had too much shell ice on Green Lake to get it done. The 2014 IDNIYRA Western Regional Regatta is currently scheduled for December 13th and 14th.

In Review:
Fun Informal Great Western Challenge with special guests from our European tribe -- December 5th, 6th and 7th.

Official IDNIYRA Western Regional Regatta -- December 13th & 14th.

Think Ice!

Green Lake at Spicer

Paul Larson walked the lake today and reports 5-8" solid good ice with at most 1 inch snow from Thursday. Many portable fish houses up to the north and west, but plenty of ice for racing. He is setting up in Spicer launch around 11AM. Winds look like 8-9 and comfortable temps. Sunday big winds and cold.
time to scout it Sat. Who is in?

Lake Pepin

Lake Pepin reports 2-3 inches of ice with 4 inches of powder snow from Nov 25 on it.
It has froze over a couple times earlier and wind blew it open. No ice fishing on it yet except in a few back bays of Frontenac and Wabasha. Main Lake is considered dangerous now!

Ice update

Green Lake at Spicer report at 5pm Wed per Paul Larson:
The rain sunday really helped the ice..... looks nice and smooth....won't know for sure until I get out on it of course.....a bit of snow here and there - just hope we don't get more and or it blows off. 2 ice houses (1 canvas sided and 1 hard) and a 4 wheeler out from the County Park on the NE side after work today. Reports are 2 to 5 inches of ice. I'm hopeful. more later. Paul

Mike Bloom reports:
No new snow at Ashby and Lake Geneva has open water on east end.
I should have a Pepin report Friday.

Spring Park

Thinking that the Spring Park landing looked good. The bay has been frozen for a while now, time to investigate....

Christina was Awesome!

A total of 8 boats sailed Lake Christina today and judging by all the end of the day smiles the trip north was worth it. We all sailed last week either on Christina or Swede lake so the first time jitters were long gone. The focus today was racing.

We sailed numerous 2 lap scrub races in light to med winds on a huge race course that some estimate to be nearly two miles long. Not surprising, JD and the Doctor ruled the day. The rest of us just tried to finish in the same time zone as the leaders.

Fity Five---0's picture

sailing this weekend closer to Tonka

Has anyone been over to look at Whale Tail lake? I don't have time to run up to Lake Christina this weekend and would like to sail somewhere close to home around Minnetonka and close by. Anyone else up for some sailing Saturday or Sunday around here?

Sailing Lake Christina Saturday, Nov 22, 2014

Most of the Tonka DN'ers are heading up to Ashby MN to sail Lake Christina on Saturday November 22, 2014. If you leave by 7:30 you will be sailing by 10:30.
JD predicts a "Top 10" day. Big smooth ice, decent wind and warm weather.
Think Ice!

Buffalo this weekend

Do we have a report for Lake Buffalo this week? I heard it was frozen last week . My guess would be that there is plenty of ice on it by now.

Saturday looks like the best day. Saturday morning at Sturges Park?

First Ice 2014

Minnesota's Ice is ready!

2014 DN Western Regional Regatta

Minnesota has been blessed with its earliest ice in years. At least 10 DN's have sailed this weekend at both Lake Christina and a small pond, Swede Lake. Both were sailable ice and thick enough. Lake Buffalo is frozen, unsailed and now has an inch of blown crusty snow from last night. A few other lakes will freeze this week with cold weather predicted. Heavy winds are forecast across MN for next two days as well.
I have consulted with a number of DN racers about calling on the 2014 Western Regional for this next weekend, Nov 22-23.

Swede Lake today

The Commodore and others will be at Swede Lake today arriving around 10 am. The lake doe have some snow on it.
Who knows, could be a perfect day to dust off your plate runners.

Christina comes through again!

You will be hard pressed to recall an iceboat season that started as early as November 15. But mark this date on your calendar. Today, Tonka sailors ventured up to Lake Christina in Ashby MN and enjoyed a rare early start to the season. Congrats to the Doctor for being the first to rip across the lake!

The ice is over 6" thick and rated about a 7. It was a perfect day to clear out the cobwebs and put a few scrub races under our belts.

...and the winner is: Christina!

Several of us are heading to Mile Marker 8, Lake Christina, in Ashby MN. We leave Saturday (11/15/14) at 7:15 a.m. We will be home by dark.

Lake Christina has not been sailed. We do not know if the ice is safe. The ice has not been checked.
Check the ice before you sail. DO not sail alone. Carry ice picks or bear claws.

Ice on Christina and Pelican at Ashby, MN

Harlan reports in from mile mark 26 of Christina at 8:30 AM Friday!
100 yards out, 4 to 4 1/2" of solid ice. Temp at zero and mostly calm and sunny. He walked over a some small chunks of refrozen ice as it was windy when it froze on Tuesday night. No duck holes can be seen. A very light dust of snow, almost like a hoar frost covers the entire lake.
Pelican, where he lives has less ice. He did not walk it. It had some open spots on Thursday, but are likely froze over last night.

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