Waiting for wind.

Lake MacBride: currently all clear of crust and snow so it's fast, but bumpy. An incredible 18" thick!


Good ice

MacBride 10" of fairly smooth, hard ice with 1/4" of powder and I am as usual, waiting for wind. Just today finished a flat sail 21 feet by 4 feet. It's going to take a lot of wind to get it moving.


Soft ice, good wind

Got in 48 miles at L. MacBride, winds low 20's, gusts low 30's. Temps in mid 30's was pleasant, but front runner tended to dig in in hike mode, leading to some interesting situations. Went with a virgin, no color Mylar 12.0 sail I picked up gratis some years back. Nothing special. Shared the lake with a DN.


Blustery enough.

Waiting for "blustery" this late in the season is probably a losing strategy, so I settled for "windy" today. Wind in the mid 20s was nice but the wild nature of the mid 30s gusts was challenging enough with a 12 meter sail. I expect erratic conditions when "partly cloudy", but I think March takes it to the next level. Fixing a loose or broken part every twenty minutes wore me down more than the rough ice did. (IceFlyer). I don't think of land or ice sailing as extreme sports but they can come close sometimes.