For Sale - angles and insert runners

For Sale - angles and insert runners

1.) I have a really nice set of angled slush runners for sale with carrying bag. The bodies are birch veneer and the angles are stainless. They are pretty light, sides weigh about 4.5 lbs and steering 5 lbs. No nicks on the steel. I am located in Minneapolis and am willing to ship, CONUS only. $500

I'm gonna try Central Minnesota today (Wed)

I'm planning on sailing Grand Lake (between St. Cloud and Cold Spring) on New Years Eve day. No snow last weekend this far Up North in Minnesota. I don't care if I can't use my insert runners, because I haven't bothered to make any. Barely an inch of snow this past Sunday on some pretty good ice in my opinion. Looks like anything South of that got a few inches. No where near 9.95 on the ice scale. Guessing around a 3 or 4. Forecast is temp in double digits and the same for the wind.

But what do I know? I'm going sailing. I love America.

-Randall US4470 (not current)

I'm not talking about the ice

Mr Miller, (and others)

First of all, thanks for introducing yourself. I've been lurking for several years, so I recognize some names (yours for one) but others I need to search out. And thanks for pointing out my stupidity of not realizing that not only can you not fit 80 iceboats on Bald Eagle Lake, you can't sail One on an official course. Not the point I was trying to make. Sarcasm is difficult in the written medium.

Once again, the issue of my post was not "where is the good ice". Lake Kegonsa looked beautiful in the pics on the 4LIYC site. The issue is spreading the word.

Sad to see GWC moved to Wisconsin

Greetings fellow sailors,

I'm a bit of a newbie to ice boating (this is my fourth season on the ice, only built one DN). I understand the need to move regattas to alternate locations due to weather or other conditions. Is there a reason that the weather or ice conditions Necessitate a move from MN to WI? I understand that Lake Kegonsa has good ice. Is Lake Christina or Green Lake unsailable (how about Buffalo?)? Last posts here don't sound bad to me.

New website for Nite class --

Racing Nites is on the increase, most notably on Bald Eagle in Minnesota and Green Lake in Wisconsin. So much so that the fleet has made plans to split into gold and silver fleets at the Nationals if need be. And much of the increase is coming from Nite owners who've been cruising around for years. Turns out that comfy cruiser is already set for racing.

So the Nite fleet has built a new website with emphasis on helping the new racer join the fleet. Should also make it easier for people to know when and where the regattas are being held.

DN's in IL


DN for sale in Illinois

Two DN's. Shown is #452,Gougeon Design. 2001,Complete with reinforced Carbon "Rocket Mast" or Carbon/Glass,Aircraft Sitka Strip Mast. F01 Doyle Sail,Polish "T" Runners,$3000.00. Also Shown is #4148. 1999 Goodwin Design,F01 Sail,Winder Glass Mast,3/16 Stainless Inserts,$3500.00. Optional Equipment:Sarns Plates,$400.00,Stainless Angles ($200.00),Doyle Speed Sail,good condition,$300.00.

Call Tim Dixon,217-529-7414 or email

Sea Scouts

Is there any group in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area willing to have Sea Scouts learn about your sport? I am a scout leader looking for some help. Thanks.eorge Battis

The Western Challenge…As reported by Mr "T," Commodore of the NEIYA

Looks like the regatta season has begun!

The Western Challenge Regatta is an informal DN gathering that has been going on for ten years or so- traditionally held the first weekend in December on the best ice in Minnesota… Yes, Minnesota. It’s a big state a little to the west of here.

The lure of early ice is hard to ignore and for years some of us have talked about going but balked at the last minute. A few years back I gave it a shot and drove solo from Indiana to Battle Lake, MN only to run a stop sign and total my trusty Chevy Astro about two miles from the lake. So close and yet….

A geography lesson

Congratulations to all whose efforts made the 2013 Western Challenge an outstanding event.

T has written a glowing report for the NewEngland website. Nicely done.

However......Onalaska is in Wisconsin, not in Minnesota. No matter. Badger and Packer fans are always happy to help out Gopher and Viking fans, except on game day.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Westerns and NAs.

...DN 805

Western Challenge Race Results 2013

La Crosse, Wisconsin
December 7 - 8, 2013

Sherry, Sherry, & Sherry Congratulations to Mr Ron Sherry for a strong showing on Sunday in the light air. He came back to win the regatta and at the same time he had a great time getting his boys out on the ice for an epic father son weekend.

Silver Fleet went to our man in Madison, Dave Elsmo! I'm sure his enthusiasm for iceboating, and his role as college sailing coach, has really ignited the college iceboating scene around the four lakes area.

Thanks to everybody for coming together and getting the four races for each fleet in. They had to be run under tight time limits. Saturday we barely got the racing in before the sun went behind the bluffs. On Sunday we had to get started as early as possible as the wind was going light and the blizzard was fast approaching for the drive home. Thanks to everybody working as a team, we all had some nice racing.

Gold Fleet

Pos     Sail       Name                    R1     R2      R3      R4      Points
---     ----       ---------               ---    ---     ---     ---     ------
1       US 44      Ronald J Sherry         1      6       1       1       9
2       US 4691    John W Dennis           2      3       2       4       11
3       US 4824    Mark R Christensen      8      5       3       2       18
4       US 5224    James A Thieler         3      2       13      6       24
5       US 4487    Chad Atkins             5      1       8       10      24
6       US 4926    Steve Orlebeke          6      7       9       3       25
7       H  467     Dideric van Riemsdijk   4      10      4       11      29
8       US 5014    Mark L Isabell          9      4       5       18      36
9       US 4       Griffin Sherry          7      8       14      17      46
10      US 5432    Mike Bloom              16     21      6       7       50
11      S  713     Rickard Gustring        11     12      19      9       51
12      US 5469    Oliver Moore            24     13      11      5       53
13      US 5214    Jim McDonagh            17     11      10      22      60
14      KC 4536    Bob Crinion             14     19      16      12      61
15      US 4257    Jim C Gluek             DNS    9       17      8       62
16      US 602     Tom Meyer               20     16      12      16      64
17      US 4961    John P Davenport        13     18      15      19      65
18      US 4775    Eben M Whitcomb III     12     24      22      13      71
19      US 5298    Scott Brown             10     20      DNS     14      72
20      US 4811    Markham G Chatterton    DNS    14      7      DNS      77
21      KC 5514    John Curtis             15     23      23      20      81
22      US 2545    Michael P Derusha       23     22      20      21      86
23      US 5414    Wes Wilcox              18     17      DNS    DNS      91
24      US 5369    Mike Miller             DNS    DNS     21      15      92
25      US 5352    Daniel F. Hearn         21     15      DNS    DNS      92
26      US 3271    Mike Jankowski          22     25      18     DNS      93
27      US 2360    Pete Johns              19     DNS     DNS    DNS      103

Saturday was good for waiting

Sunny SaturdayEverybody had a pretty good day catching up with their iceboating friends and aligning runners. We all had plenty of time to get all those little maintenance items on the boat done.

Some participants were out on the ice at 8 am and got a few early morning puffs but everybody had to wait till after 3:00pm before we got in 2 Gold and 2 Silver races.

Just when a couple of skippers took their sails down, the wind came on and the team sprung into action. We got the marks moved, starting line set in record time and started cracking off races.

Friday - Good Ice and Good Breeze

I added an image gallery for the regatta.

On your mark

We had shifty wind blowing around 8 to 12 mph. The ice was really hard and fast.

It was really great to see all my friends from the all over the world. I'll bet the gang sailed two dozen races. I counted over 35 boats all lined up doing a scrub race! It's great to see this meeting of friends to enjoy what we love in an informal atmosphere.

Winter is here

3" of Black Ice on my Camp Lake.

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