Angles For Sale

Pr. of excellent quality angles for this Spring's soft ice. Formerly owned by Todd Gamble and I will sell them for what I paid 8 yrs. ago. Call Mike Bloom @ six one two - five nine eight- three eight zero zero.

WCCO-TV Reports on the first time the DN Iceboating World Championship is taking place in Minnesota

Link to WCCO's written article and video:

This is the first time in its 40 years that the DN Iceboating World Championship has ever come to Minnesota. At this championship people will race for the Gold Cup and then for the North American Championship.

“We have over 100 competitors from 9 countries,” the DN Class Secretary, Jim McDonagh, said. “We’ll be racing till we get 7 races in, in each fleet.”

polish runner sharpener

does anyone have a parts list for the 'polish runner sharpener' im looking to build one

Sailing Blog

Re-started my old sailing blog,to keep track of my ice boating.

Western Regionals, Lake Kegonsa, WI. Janaury 5-6, 2013

Tonka Sailors did well at the 2013 Western Regional Championship Regatta sailed on Lake Kegonsa, near Madison, WI. Seven races were completed over two days on sticky, snow covered ice.

Mark Christensen tested regatta Champion Ron Sherry. The Doctor finished 2nd and won the second race. J.D. finished third followed by Jim McDonagh and Mike Bloom who finished 8th and 10th, respectively.

In the Silver Fleet David Kickhafer, Mike Miller and Charlie Hurd finished 4th, 6th and 12th. Congrats to Miller for winning the last race.


JD's Skeeter sails at Dawn!

Tonka: Got Ice?

Has anyone found ice on Tonka that is safe to sail?

Crystal bay froze early this week so last night I ventured out in front of my house but it is way too thin to be considered safe or sailable.

Has anyone checked any of the other bays?

Miller- Meyer- Browner-Allen- Doctor..... check the ice outside your respective front doors and report in!


Lake Riley webcam

Is the lake riley webcam down for good? My boat needs to sail back at it's roots at least once.

Skeeter Regatta update

No known sites at this time. Storm totals in Alexandria area are 4". We are looking for ice. Anyone with reports of ice
with less than two inches of snow on it please check in with a report here. You can call my cell at 612 eight four zero 9855.

JD U194

iceboating sat, Ashby?

swede lake frozen? anybody want to drive up sat. looks like should be same ice as last sunday. meyer 612-432-8124

Results: 2012 Great Western Challenge Regatta

Preliminary Results: Great Western Challenge
December 1-2, 2012
Pelican Lake near Ashby, MN

Gold fleet
Pos Sail# Name Race> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Points
1 US 4824 CHRISTENSEN, MARK (S) 1 1 2 1 ( 5) 2 4 11.00
2 US 4691 DENNIS, JOHN (S) 3 ( 12) 10 6 1 1 2 23.00
3 US 60 HARPER, JOHN (S) 2 3 4 2 ( 7) 6 7 24.00
4 US 5014 ISABELL, MARK 6 2 1 ( 10) 8 7 10 34.00
5 US 4257 GLUEK, JIM 5 4 8 3 9 8 ( 15) 37.00
6 US 807 FRANCIS, JR 13 5 ( 13) 8 6 5 3 40.00
7 US 4926 ORLEBEKE, STEVE 9 6 5 ( 11) 10 10 5 45.00
8 US 216 POTCOVA, RICHARD 8 (DNS) 9 5 11 4 8 45.00
9 US 5219 BAKER, KENT 10 8 3 12 4 ( 13) 13 50.00
10 G 679 SCHNEIDER, MARTIN-BJORN (DNF) 7 DNF 4 3 9 6 63.00

Thunder Bay sailing

Some pics of a nice day on the ice.Smooth black ice,thin film of water,moderate breeze and mild temps.

Great Western Challenge and Lake Christina Ice

Thanks to the effort of the Ice Maker we now know that Lake Christina is iced over. Looks like we will be making ice starting Thursday night. I think sailing on Sunday is going to be great.

Anyone like to join in?


Thunder Bay Ice

more pics

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