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Thunder Bay Ice

Almost every lake right now is picture perfect.

White Fish today

A perfect 10, ice and weather.

Winter is here

3" of Black Ice on my Camp Lake.

Sailing Blog

Re-started my old sailing blog,to keep track of my ice boating.

Thunder Bay sailing

Some pics of a nice day on the ice.Smooth black ice,thin film of water,moderate breeze and mild temps.

Thunder Bay Ice

more pics

Thunder Bay Ice

Here is what a lot of the Inland Lakes are looking like.Very little dusting of snow over 3-4" of smooth black ice.

Thunder Bay Ice boating

Ross Owen,an artist who lives on Lake Superior has been generous enough to invite Ice boaters to use his property as access to the Lake.
Check out his Website,as he has some great shots and Video of sailing out in front of his place .Some shots are from yesterday and some from last year with my ice boating buddies Bruce Wegger and Kurt Martinson from MN.
While your on the site check out the Kayak Sailing boat Ross built.

Action From Thunder Bay

Here is the sheet we are racing on.Lot of older DN's but hey the are still DN's.

Season Begins

Boat set up and ready to go.

New Plank

All ready for the attachments, finnally have time to cut grass and put hockey rink back together before the cold weather comes.Summers are only two weeks long up here.
Special thanks to Scott Brown,Mike Bloom,Geoff Sobering and Bob Gray for all there advice.
Start and finish pictures.

Repair Finished


Pictures of Plank for sale

here are some pics,Struble shocks epoxied on,Canadian decal is free.

Perfect Weekend of Sailing ,Almost

After a great sail on Saturday and part of Sunday the fun came to a crashing halt when I dropped my port runner into a pressure crack.30 miles of beautifull Ice and I got greedy and tried to go a bit further then I had scouted.Good news is there seems to be min. damage as the hull plates basically pulled off.Bad news is I was 5 miles from the launch site.Made for a long lonely "walk of shame".

Ice boating on Superior

Some action from the Weekend.

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