Storm Watch: Does weather duplicate life?

This is a reprint of an ice report, facing the annual pre Great Western Challenge Blizzard. Happens all the time.


The weather service called her a Panhandle Hooker*, a Twisted Joyless Depression from South of here, who shows up to ruin all Icebound fun.

Followed closely by a Blue Norther, a brutish big mass of arctic air who cuts all the way to Mexico, filling in the void left by that Hooker with miserable cold, leaving a bite in the air that cut's deeply through any coat, numbing the senses, leaving little but pain.

These systems should have names.

It's sure to be too cold to go Up North as Frostbite is Forever.

Still some open lake may emerge, she's sure to.

That perfect lake, she might there, it's Minnesota, there's always another beautiful lake, Today I have no idea where she's at, if you find her, a sweet unspiteful one, let me know, I'm looking.

The search starts on Thursday Morning.

Toughen Up Princess, IceBoating ain't for the fainthearted.

It's gonna be epic, again.

I sleep tonight in New Hope,


* reference:

(c) World Ice Racing Circuit, LLC 2009, New Hope, MN All rights reserved.