Tonka: Got Ice?

Has anyone found ice on Tonka that is safe to sail?

Crystal bay froze early this week so last night I ventured out in front of my house but it is way too thin to be considered safe or sailable.

Has anyone checked any of the other bays?

Miller- Meyer- Browner-Allen- Doctor..... check the ice outside your respective front doors and report in!



WCCO-TV: Ice Sailing Story Idea

My name is Ramona Marozas and I'm the news apprentice at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. I actually created a username in order to reach out to some of the people that are planning on going ice sailing on Lake Minnetonka. You see, I'm interested in getting in contact with you in order to see if you're interested in doing an on camera interview about ice sailing.
Please feel free to reach out to me at (763) 438-1411 and e-mail me at

Tonka Bay!

Tonka bay beach is great again. There is some water to the North at the big island channel. Also be aware of the crack coming out from Tonka Bay on the North side of Gideon's Bay, I believe its called suneshine point. Have fun and be safe.


JD US4691

Ice on West Arm OK

I just did a recon of my bay. 5 inches of solid snow ice with a slight pebble texture covers 80%. The other 20% froze after the snow on Sunday and has 3 inches of solid black ice. I walked the new ice 1/4 mile to my west and chopped a hole. Seems solid! I saw no duck holes any morning this week. The wind is now 6 ESE and expected to be up to close to 10 later today.
I plan to set up and give it a go today in advance of rain sleet on Sat.
Anybody else available today?
Mike 612-868-2949

Great ice

Just sailed a couple laps around entire West Arm. No thin spots so far. Wind is about 8 and fast ice.
Kennedy leaving work early to join me.


Kennedy and I had a fun afternoon on West Arm. No issues to report. Even smoother than first appearance. Meyer joined us late in day when wind picked up to 10 and had the mast bending great! If the rain, sleet, snow doesn't ruin this sheet can do it again this weekend. We left the boats set up at my house. Room for more!
See photo in images.
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