"Trust Me" in the home stretch

Tuesday night I got the second layer of plywood in the cockpit floor and was able to really see how well I fit into the cockpit:
(2004-10-12a) After almost a year and a half I get to sit in the cockpit.

Mast construction

In the past few year I've built a couple of masts.
I've used a mast and a clam shell mold made from that mast laying the glass then pressing the mast into the shell.
This year I have some other guys intersted in building a few masts. We just completed the first 2 halves. We now just have to trim up and start with loft tube placement. The few masts that I've made have not broken but also don't bend like I want them too. The lay up this time was about 6 layers of biaxle glass. The halves bend well, but the halves have always bent well at this stage. Once glued the bend changes.

I was thinking for my mast to try: placing uni-directional carbon from the tip of the mast to 2 feet past the hound to make it stiffer and force the bottom to pop.

"The Plank Deflector"

Ever since I got burned at the NAs last year by aligning my runners with an out of whack set of aligners, I've been thinking about how to align my chocks without relying on a "gold standard" fixture. Optically seems to be the only way to go to align things from "first principles".

Sailing just ahead of the Fat Lady's Song!

Wow, I'm back at work and I don't like it at all.

Sailed Monday and Tuesday (March 22 & 23, 2004) on Elk Lake, which was great. It was a little depressing to take the boat down yesterday. The sun was bright, temp 40+, and the wind died about 3pm. I Was able to get two ladies from church that wanted to sail out on the ice before lunch. The winds were laying down but were holding at about 8 mph. The gals had the time of their lives, even got some great hikes. Jackie is from Minn. and was last on a boat about 50 years ago (home made). Joyce (wife of the Doctor that got me into this sport) has never been on an ice boat and damn near hugged me to death when it was over. She was really thrilled, especially when the runner climbed over her head.

lighten up

Life is to short not to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest. To reach for that fullness, at this time of year, I think ice, I pray for ice and I live ice.

When a club hosts a regatta, it involves a fair amount of planning, driving, time, and worry. We do it because we love our sport and want our fellow ice boaters to be able to share the rewards with us. We take our charge seriously and work tirelessly to find the best ice, the best location, and hopefully, the best weather. When things go South and an event has to be postponed, or worse yet cancelled, it is not only a big disappointment to the sponsoring club, but to a whole lot of other folks that were looking forward to sailing.

My Favorite Iceboating Links
(of course!) - 4 Lakes Ice Yacht Club:

DN Bulletin Board:

Yahoo! Iceboating Group:

MSN Landsailer and Iceboat Design and Construction Group:

Tom Speer's Home-Page:

"Trust Me" Renegade Rebuild Status

While I love my DN, here in the 4-Lakes club the Renegade is king (there are typically more than 20 boats on the line for a club race). So, last summer I bought a "fixer upper" Renegade. The original hope was to have it ready for the 03-04 season, but my day-job and other stuff happened and it's still sitting Jim Nordahus' shop as a work-in-progress. I'll try and keep a running commentary on the work as the boat progresses to sailable condition.

NA + Worlds 2000 Pictures

new I mean old pictures found
2000 worlds and NAs
toggle down on left frame
click on sports page
then Ice Boat Pictures.

The Road to the DN North Americans

I raced in the DN North American Regatta for the first time this year. I thought I'd share the experience. Originally, this was a in a combination of forward and reverse time-sequence; I edited the pieces into chronological order.

For some more of my ramblings (and a few photos), check the web page created by Debbie Whitehorse (the 4-Lakes Ice Yacht Club's webmaster) from e-mailed reports and photos during the regatta:

(Thanks Debbie!)

Lower Tonka

1/25 Great day for sailing Tonka, wind about 15 from the east and gusting higher. Only a couple of boats out, 3 Skimmers and one or two others in the distance. Ice was fast with 30% new soft drifts. Able to blast thru without much drag on the runners. The comming snow tonight may slow it down for awhile. If you stayed home today you missed a great time.

Ice boaters lament

Snow, snow, everywhere
It’s covered all the ice,
Now if only it would melt a bunch
It surely would be nice.

The ice yacht is all buried
Out back alongside the garage,
In a mound of ever freighting white,
Which I daily attempt to un-lodge.

So finally the iceboat is ready,
The crack in the mast was just fixed,
The runners are shiny and sharpened,
And the new plank is ready for tricks.

Now if only Mother Nature would help us,
And bring on a night of no winds,
We would have us a bunch of new black ice,
To bring out all the hard water grins.

Thinking Ice,

Corey Hughes, Nite341

Northwest Regatta Weather Predictions

9:30pm Saturday.

This is proabably the last posting. Hope you all had a great time!

The trend for Sundy is pretty solid: wind building. The question is: when will it start? Most predicitons seem to favor an overnight increase into the teens, although that could happen later depending on how fast the front moves in. Temps should break 10F before 9am and rise to near 20 in the afternoon. Winds from the east or SE starting somewhere between 7-15 kn and building into the mid/upper teens by 1:00pm

The snow will probably hold off until the evening, possibly late.

thanks everybody..


thanks to all the Minnesota iceboaters in who helped me get up to speed. With out their help it would have taken me ten years to get where I am now, if at all. It's really the best part about iceboating, racing around with your friends trying to figure out how to go faster. It's funny because I really like the solo part of the iceboating... but you really have to work in a master/apprentice/tuning partner team type way to get going and to figure out what is fast, and that was pretty great getting to know everybody, the enthusiasm is really infectious. In fact everybody involved in racing DN's have been very helpful with all the questions/problems that I've had.

blokart on ice

New Years day was the first day of use for the new blokart ice kit. Ice was fantasic, 4" to 8" and mostly black, but wind left something to be desired.

Had some video taken which has been posted to the web in its first rough cut. Click below if you are interested in taking a look. (NOTE: Video is commercially oriented.) (recommend broadband internet connection for best viewing)


1/1/2004 Lake Pepin -Awesome

What a way to start out 2004. 8+ inches of smooth Black Ice on Lake Pepin with SE winds 15-20mph all day. Need I say more?

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