2005 Northwest Ice Yacht Association Regatta Reports

Sunday 2-20:
I'm back home in Monona this morning after waking up to 3" of fluffy snow in Oshkosh with more on the way. We've only got about an inch here in the Madison area. The storm tracked farther north than predicted. There was a nice turn-out at the banquet last night. I'll post full results and photos back over at my home port of
NIYA Regatta Winners:
E-Skeeter: Dan Clapp
Renegade: Tim McCormick
DN: John Dennis
Boe Skeeter: Steve Schalk
Stern Steerers Overall: Jay Yaeso
A Stern: Fred Stritt
Look for more results over at

Stern Steerer at Sunset
Saturday 2-19:

2005 NA's :: Ice Safari report

Ice Safari
Elk Lake, Mi
Feb 11th, 2005

Mackinac bridge at sunriseIt's our second trip to northern Michigan in 5 days. First was the Central Region and then in the same place the next weekend it was the North American Championship. Next year it would be nice to go on a month long ice safari.. none of that pesky four days of work between iceboating and driving.

The 2005 North Americans was a great regatta. We had great ice and wind all weekend. And friday was a great day as well.

Neil looks out on the Straights of MackinacWe left minneapolis on thursday night at 8:30pm. Since this was the second time we drove to michigian, and we didn't have a dog with us, (he was with us when we went to the Centrals the previous weekend) we managed to shave some time off and got to sunny's cafe (torch lake, mi) at 7:10am for their tasty omelets.

Some more equipment photos from the GC

Deck Riser Cool Mast Step

Simple ratchet block adapter modification YATH (yet another triangle hound)


More to follow as I can get them uploaded.

Ugh - split sideboard...

I was going over my boat looking for some spike-marks to fill and I found that one of the sideboards had started to split! Some unexpected quality time in the shop this week...

Probably that rough ice last Friday.


Geoff S.

Gold-Cup Quotes from the Madison Media

Here are a few quotes about the GC regatta published in the various Madison media last week (names removed to protect the misquoted):

    "When I was 16, I raced everything I could, motorcycles, cars. But as I grew older I discovered those were just things I did until I discovered iceboating. This is a blast."
    "You can't be picky, this is probably one of the nicest pieces of ice in the country right now."
    "This is probably the last place in the world to iceboat today."
    "We've been here nine days and this is the first day of the regatta. It is sometimes very frustrating to wait on the ice."

world gold cup.. from the silver fleet..

I had a pretty cool time. I got seventh in the Silver fleet and so I got some hardware and something to build on.

My brother was in key west with his mumm 30, champosa, for the exact same time and came back with a sixth.. and that's pretty cool too. Of course down in key west, it's gold fleet all the time..

Iceboat regattas are hard because when you first get to the launch site and setup you are all amp'd to go racing.. but first you always have to pay some dues.. It's tough to hold a iceboating regatta at a certain time.. I guess they used to reschedule to wait for the good ice, but nobody liked that either..

updated photo galleries

I updated the regatta photo galleries.

sorted the regatta dates out, and put the gear pictures i took at the 2002 NA millacs in a proper folder. the regatta gallery is filling out nicely, thanks to geoffs .

the site doesn't have 2003 north americans pictures. so anybody with a couple of 2003 north american pictures.... anybody...?

I also uploaded some 2004 nite national pictures from lake christina, mn that were sent to me.

I uploaded the coot pictures from ashby, minnesota.. ;-)

that's it for now..

and as to my dismall performance in the western regional...
why does it take me 6 races to pull my head out of my a**?

Cold, "Blue Juice"...

At the swap meet here this fall, Paul Goodwin remarked that one downside of the water-soluble "Blue Juice" cutting fluid is that it will freeze. I stored that little factoid away in my mind, and decided I'd keep my WD-40 soaked stones in the "on the ice" toolkit, and the blue-juice ones in the shop.

Well, the best laid plans, etc. I loaded up the car with spare parts and extra tools for the Western Challenge regatta and took my stoning bench and shop-stones with me. They went into the hotel room for post-race runner-tuning, and all was good. I got home late Sunday night and postponed cleaning out the car for a couple of days... Guess what happened!

Building a NITE Plank

Constructing a NITE plank, by Corey Hughes, NITE 341, 2003

The original gull wing plank of a NITE is well suited for its intended purpose, i.e., handling the weight of the captain and a passenger. But my 1974 plank had developed a nasty twist and was also really wild in heavy air. Being an old motor cycle wheelie fan of many years, I loved the ability to throw the NITE in the air at virtually any given moment, even with a guest aboard. But great hikes aside, you do go faster if you stay closer to the ice. After several conversations during the spring and summer of 2003, fellow GTIYC member and friend Bob Gray convinced me, that with his guidance, I could and should build my first plank. A retired airline pilot and expert DN builder, Bob’s knowledge was a thing to behold. Grabbing pencil and paper, Bob spit out wood characteristics, flex strength values and formulas faster than I can remember my own children and grand children’s names. Although he kept reminding me that he had never built for anything other than a DN, I was convinced anyone with all those numbers at the tip of his tongue couldn’t be very far off, and as it turned out, he wouldn’t be!

f*ck the spammers...

Now we are getting spammers... posting to our forums... arrgh..

I'll have to get going on the new 4.5 version and the anti-spammer stuff.. which can't possible work very well..

Or I could allow postings by registered users only. that's a little extreme..

hmmm.. maybe a firewall rule to block ip's from spammers.. or something more aggressive...

Looks like the spam post came from india.. I could block all of india.. but then I'd be shutting off the access for the all the iceboaters in india..

I've heard of this, but now i've got to actually deal with it..


I'm going to lake christina this saturday.. should be a hoot at the coot..

Boat Building Blues...Materials are Scarce.

Tring to find lumber here in the Twin Cities is harder than I thought. Called several lumber yards and saw mills and can't find lumber to suit the construction of my new DN hull.

I have heard that people are substituting Bass for Sitka Spruce. Any ideas where to find lumber long enough for the task at hand, 2 @ 1"x8"x14' & one for the stringer 1"x3"x12.5'


posted some shop pictures..

in the gear:shop photo gallery..

the ones named img_****

I'll let the pictures do the talking and post something later..


what a mess..

this sucks.. i haven't screwed up mixing west epoxy for years and now i've managed to put two coats of gooey crap on the corners of my boat (and the extended cockpit).. at least it isn't over the whole boat.. looks like my pumps went bad.. arrghh.. i think you always have to buy new product at the start of any project, after you let the epoxy sit around.. arrrghh

The "Trust Me" Renegade weight loss program

The hull for "Trust Me" is pretty much done (just needing paint and hardware), so last night we weighed it. What a change! When the boat came into the shop last year it came in at a hefty 170+ lbs. Today it weighs 126!


Geoff S.

"Trust Me", the start...

How did I ever get involvd with this project? As with many things, it's a long story...

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