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so got this really cool video put together from all the footage I got in Buffalo a few years ago.
How can I post it here?
I looked at the post video instructions and it didn't quite help me out.
Perhaps I am merely a tech moron. Ormaybe it really doesn't work so well. Someone hook me up. Help me Help you........

the good rev.

Iceboat for sale

Home-made "Family Fun" iceboat
Lateen sail rig forward steerer
Sturdy and reliable
Single person cockpit but sailable with up to 4 "passengers" sitting on the outriggers
$450 OBO
Must pick up in Naperville, IL

S.Ont.CANADA Iceboaters?

Hi All,

It is time to take my DN Iceboat KC3772 'Across the Universe' off the wall...It has been parked there for 20 yrs ! ! ! (Makes a nice bookshelf !)

Hoping for some good ice conditions this winter.( Hamilton Bay, Trenton, etc...)

Can anyone help me in finding some iceboaters near me? Any contacts?

I get an adrenaline rush just thinking of a great day on the ice...

I am enjoying this website. Thanks.

DN KC3772
Oakville, Ont. Canada



Nite for sale

15 October 2005
Beautiful Nite two seat ice boat, hull number 341. Very nice condition, Bikini Blue color, with all of the following package items:
♦ Hull number 341.
♦ Sail # 341, re-tuned by Doyal Sails in 2004.
♦ Custom cockpit cover support.
♦ Original two place plank with chocks.
♦ Custom 150 lb/in laminated Ash and Basswood strip plank for solo sailing
♦ Updated track block system.
♦ Custom “Nite Time” Graphics.
♦ Standard Sarns runners in excellent condition.
♦ 3 sheet ropes.
♦ Full set of covers for sail, hull, mast, plank and springboard.

US Iceboaters go Europe

Dear Friends,

these days, those of us, who haven’t been for long in this sport learned more about the good old times of Iceboating and the guys, who introduced it to Europe. Skip and his Family hosted and sponsored Iceboaters from the US and Europe for all their life. e.g. Andreas Bock G 624 got all the support in sails from Skip and so did last winter 19 Year old Merili Randmaa C46 from Estonia. She won the silver qualifier with a sponsored sail from Skip. Being that successful in Madison she got offered one of very few 470 boats to race with and became a few weeks ago the Junior World Champion in this class. She’ll never forget Skip and she was amazed by his knowledge about sails and how he put it into cloth.

Passing of a great DN'er: Skip Boston

Skip Boston, DN US 150, passed away during the night of August 15, 2005.

building a new design C-Skeeter for the 21st Century

Have you ever thought of building an ice boat from scratch, including the design? Well here it is, three years in the making and finally on the work bench. What started out to be a light weight one seat Nite, evolved into a new design, ultra light, C-Skeeter. Many thanks go out to Bob Gray for his countless hours of designing and meticulous planning, and to Skip Stauber and Jack Jacobs for there knowledge and input.

Hopefully everything will go as planned and the as yet un-named GX-1 will have its maiden voyage at the North Westerns in early December, or locally if we have early ice in the Traverse City (MI) area.

DN Building Jigs

A week ago a few of us visited Dan Hearn here in Madison to talk about building the 4-Lakes Jr. Iceboating Program. While we were there we got to see Dan's building jig. He designed it to be flexible enough to loft and build both full-size DNs and the Opti-DNs (or ice-Optis, if you prefer):
Dan Hearn's DN Jig/Table [image:1189]

After seeing his setup Byron Tetzlaff and I decided it was the way to go for our building plans. We may be building slightly different sized boats (min/max length, different cockpit widths, maybe even an Opti), so the flexibility of Dan's setup of screw-down blocks seemed ideal.

Pretty good spring so far...

My personal measure for the "goodness" of spring (and fall, for that matter) is how long I have to wait between the last iceboating and the first soft-water sailing.

Hull assembly line...

The sailing season is done (at least on the hardwater), so that means the building season is started!

Sometimes photogenic and stable aren't compatible...

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Yesterday we decided to get a couple of photos of our boats with the State Capitol building in the backround.

Any Scooters in this part of the Country?

Im stuck in Duluth Mn for the winter. Normally I would be sailing a south bay scooter over on Long Island NY. I know that there are a couple of scooters out here but have no idea where they are located. If anyone has an idea let me know. Thanks

Scooter you ask?...See

Best Regards
Dave Farrell
#202 - FLUKE

for sale..~ 1930 Iceboat..(Project) $ 500.- with trailer..

Anybody interested in a project of old stern Iceboat..let me know at or call me at 651 429 0494 MN ..
could deliver WI IL, MI..

Calling Vince Labozzetta!

I'm not really a part of this blog, in fact I don't know what iceboating is. But I saw the name Vince Labozzetta on the site, and since our last name is not very common I wanted to try to drop him a line. So, Vince, if you're out there, I'd love to chat and see if and how we are related. Thanks. Jonathan Labozzetta.

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