east coast transplant

lots of lakes and fluky winds,
been sailing forever, first time on the ice.
Wow~~~~_/)~~~~~ fast as heck
friends metal triangle with runners
and my sunfish sail
Pokegama lake has been iced up for quite some time now and I had some really fast rides.even added a headlight for night cruising.
i think ive probably hit 35 or maybe 40 on the "skate of death".
quite cool.
now im psyched to see the pros going really really fast.
really cheap dn
or something
new bedford chuck


January in Michigan.

Think I'll ride my DynaGlide up today get some of the materials to prepare for my JX build.

Something is wrong.

Maybe I should build a Lightning instead~

Moonlight sailing..

Anybody ever try a little moonlight ice sailing, or is that just plain nuts????

home made steering - easy?

What is the easiest steering system to make? Any help would be appreciated.

Was thinking about using a sunfish sail & making a rear steerer similar to a sailboat...any concerns with this?


Gene, Oshkosh, WI

j14 class

I have a buddy looking for J-14 class plans or boats (2).
anyone with any info? michigan area

Soft ice

Can anybody give me some tips on what different runners work best for soft ice conditions?

new guy Prior Lake

I'm new to the group I have at the moment a home made Ice surfer this is my first year 3rd time out yesterday. The ice was 6 to 7 in thick according to the ice fisherman. I'm still working out the kinks, think I have a blade sharpening problam as the back end tends to want to spin out as the speed gets up when side loaded with the wind. At the moment my blades are ground flat, I'm going to put a slight angle to the outside on them would that help?

Quarter inch, 36' runners for sale

Available after the NW regatta Jan 7th. Heavy duty, Art Tuesh insert runners (2). Quarter inch stainless, 36" length with aluminum stiffeners. Both in good shape. $650 for the pair. Hal Bowman (919) 469-8219.

Tired of sailing junk.....

After 4+ years of tinkering around with homebrew
'iceboats' I find myself now willing to step up
to something 'real'. (Got 65 miles on my junk boat
this year in spite of some lousy ice). I'm 50 miles
north of Brainerd, so I'm not far from the 94
corridor lakes you folks like to run. Still, there
doesn't seem to be anyone like me around here - I
have to sail alone or not sail at all. So, I'm
looking for....

1. People in my general area (70-80 miles) who might
like to form a local group to sail. Anyone ???
2. A used Nite or really good DN within reasonable
driving distance from me. (I.E. not New York!)

Looking for a DN sail

Looking for a DN sail, Old is good cheap is better, Gull Lake, Michigan area. Thanks in advance.

Fleet Growth Ideas.

A while ago, a guy named Michael Porter wrote a couple books on Strategy. I suspect I'm the only DNer in Minnesota who's read his work, at least some days it seems that way...

Nonetheless, we've applied some of his ideas with success in growing The Great DN Western Challenge Regatta ... and more importanly in growing the depth and breadth of participation in the DN Fleet in Minnesota.

Highly recommended reading if you want to grow the sport in your area. It also applies to business. Tip of the Helmet to him.

I'll attempt to outline this in detail when time allows.


Minnetonka Pix and Article

I posted a quick article with photos on that I thought might be of interest to users.

Looking for 2 man boat.

I'm looking for a 2 man iceboat. Does not have to be class legal or competitively fast. Doesn't even have to be pretty. Does need to be complete or nearly so.
I want something inexpensive to learn with. Contact me at Thanks! Steven A.

Looking for Minnesota ice boaters

I'm a journalist looking for some Minnesota ice boaters interested in talking to me for a story that I'm working on. If you fit that description and you are interested, please email me --


Ice Boating Magazine

I've been trying to find a magazine that I believe was called "Ice Boating Times." Maybe it was just a newsletter. Anyone else ever hear of this magazine, or remember something similar? It might have been from the 1970's. Thanks for any leads.

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