Lake Christina Nov 18-19, 2017

After a spectacular opening session the plan is to return to Lake Christina for week #2 of the 2017-18 iceboat season. The forecast looks favorable for sailing on Nov 18-19, 2017.

Check back later this week for confirmation. Also, lets us know if you pan to sail.
First boats there should check the ice. Wear ice claws and never sail alone.

Think Ice!


Sunday looks like the day.
I’m in —Sunday.
Browner Is a yes along with Miller.
“Oh, yeah,” Meyer too.

Christina rates a 10 based on

Christina rates a 10 based on Thursday eve photos, posted on Facebook Minnesota Iceboater group.
At least 4 inches black perfect ice. No snow. Remember JD spotted a large duck hole to the west of launch area about 1 mike away. It is not marked!

Mike Miller

Anyone else going up?

Sounds great. Anyone else going up from the Cities? Nice to get ice for a change instead of ... you know, that other stuff.

I expect the ice scout report

I expect the ice scout report this eve will be favorable. There has not been any snow I know of.
Sat looks like 20 mph and cool. Sunday warmer and 10-15. I know many who will be at Christina Sunday.
I just viewed a video of a kite skater on North Long Lake at Brainard, so we now have options.

Mike Miller

I will have an updated ice

I will have an updated ice report Thursday at 5 PM from Mike R. It has been a bit warmer with Wed-Thurs big winds.

Mike Miller