Lake Christina

Lake Christina at 4 PM Thursday. 1/2” or less fluffy snow. The snow on the ice 50 feet out pushed aside with boot easily.
Drilled hole 2 3/4 “ hard black ice. With super cold tonight and below freezing should be 4” Sat. No open areas seen. The first 6 feet from shore is ice, supporting Mike R weight, but felt a bit softer. Plan is to set up Sat AM at Rylander’s property about 1 mile further from the old Mile Marker 6.
Rylander will drop off a couple pieces of plywood to assure no one gets wet. His ground is frozen to drive on but do not drive up the hill. One fish shanty already on the Pelican ice!
Pass the word. See you all up there.
Photos are on FB MN iceboaters


Been blowing 20 all day. A drive by report at 6pm appeared to show most of the snow blew off!

Mike Miller