Pepin Sailers- Iowa kids

Pepin-Where have you kids been? Has the lake frozen yet? Snow?
We haven't heard a word from the stern steerers all winter.

How about the Iowa guys? Clear Lake, Okoboji, Spirit, Emmetsburgh,
Anyone been there? Sailed there?

Anywhere else in the midwest have ice?

Good or bad or whatever anyone see's post a reply here please....

Thanks for the ice updates

Thanks for the ice updates everyone, keep them coming as thing get better or worse. I think this weekend will be to cold for my kind..Brrrrrr I'm not an eskimo.
The following weekend will be warmer I hope.

I have a sexy new red boat and am dying to go for a spin. Let me know where will be the best ice to test drive my new baby will be..


DN 5050

DN 5050

Coralville Rez


Ice here in SE Iowa a 3 at best. Yesterday's 45 MPH gusts an 8. Flyer.


Pepin Ice

Lets see.........we had ice,
then it went out completely the week after New Years,
then it froze over.....
then it snowed 4 + inches.
Most of the bigger boats are still in the barn, a couple got one days sailing on White Bear.
Don't think we are going to wear them out, this year.
Will keep you posted.

Lake Pepin


I am new to ice boating and bought a DN this year. It is located at Lake City. I got out this last Sunday for a few hours. Very light air but I was able to make progress by picking lines with very little snow. The middle of the Lake was the best with ~ 1/4 inch of snow. It was fun to get out. While we only have one boat we do have spotters keeping an eye on things.

How do I learn about the Pepin Ice Boat Club? How many boats? How often do you get together?

Pepin Ice

Great that you got some time in on Pepin! What was the ice depth?
We usually sail out of Pepin, but this year has been pretty shabby. We have about 10 or so boats, everything from a couple of B stern-steerers, a skeeter or two, a few Nites and DN's. Nothing too competitive but we usually have a pretty good time.
Couple of contacts for you:
Pickle Factory in Pepin 715-442-4400 (they usually know if we are sailing)
Bob Church 715-442-2530
Ed Newcomb 715-235-1111 (work) or email me at and I will get you on our list.
Best regards and Good Ice!

To bad the Harbor View isn't

To bad the Harbor View isn't open in the winter.
It doesn't seem the same w/o Tom at the Harbor View anymore. I'm going through garlic withdrawals, I guess. Nothing like a restaraunt that has an ice boat across the street on display year round w/ light and everything.
Wayne will always treat you right at the Pickle Factory. There's always the friday night fish fry at Ralph and Mary's which one of the best around.

DN 5050

DN 5050

Pepin, more info?

How big an area had 1/4 inch of snow? a square mile perhaps? Where is this located, relative to Lake City launch areas?

Last year some of the guys sailed from Lake City to Pepin, talked to the guys, watched a game, sailed back, it was a hoot they say.

thanks for you report! It's appreciated by many. I think we can find a couple DNers in the lake city area for you to hook up with.


Lake Pepin Feb 3 2007

Thanks for the info on the Pepin Ice Boaters. Its ~ zero degrees and blowing about 10. I am tempted to go for a ride but my inside jobs have me busy. The middle of the lake is in great shape with mostly ice and very little snow. (> 1/4") I estimate about 2 miles of the ~ 3 mile width of the lake has very little snow. The edges of the lake has mostly ice but some 2-3" snow spots. It looks like this runs as far as I can see...say 10-miles each way. I can't see any ice ridges but I am sure they are out there.

How is the ice in front of the Pickle Factory.

Is anyone interested in getting out on Sunday --- pre football?

PS The Nosh is moving to Lake City from Wabasha. Was the food any good? I look forward to the HV opening. Best Halibut in the world. You could put that sauce on an old sock and it would taste well.

DN Rookie from Lake City.

MMMmmmm the black butter

MMMmmmm the black butter caper sauce.. I always ask for extra and drown my rice in it...
the pesce is always good too, along with the sauteed chicken breast w/ the chipotle sauce and roasted garlic.
end the evening with the Kahlua cheesecake,
It doesn't get any better than that.

I gop thruough some serious withdrawals over the winter.

DN 5050

DN 5050

No Ice

We sailed DN's one weekend early Dec. on east lake Okoboji. The ice was perfect but snow covered now. Five Island lake didn't freeze good and is now snow covered also. I think they must have sailed at Clear Lake the same weekend we were up at east but it got really warm and the next weekend the boats were up on shore. I think they are snowed in also now. We were thinking about going to Montana with the Flirt but decide it was to far and still have hopes of getting the WSSA and Northwest in. Hope to get the Flirt on the ice this year. Iowa Stern Steers!