How bad is the damage?

I'm looking to find out how bad the damage was after yesterdays little winter storm. The good thing is the predictions of 3" - 5" didn't materialize in most of the TC Metro area.

How are things looking on Spring Park Bay?

Main lake of Minnetonka even frozen yet?

Will F

Need a solid freeze...

At White Bear we got some rain followed by big wet snowflakes on Thursday - perhaps a half inch to an inch or so accumulation on my deck. However, the warm temps today seem to have left the lake dark gray and perhaps slushy for now. A good freeze will put the surface back into sailable condition, but I doubt we'll get back to the glare ice we have been fortunate to enjoy thus far.

We'll be out tomorrow morning to help step the mast on an 1890's vintage stern-steerer that has taken up residence on the shore of the Peninsula and we'll keep you all posted on the changing conditions.

Dr. Lee-vil
Nite 512

Local Damage?

We recieved ~ 1.5" of snow after a significant amount of rain yesterday... A quick drive past the lake this morning shows the water on the ice has substantially melted the snow, 99% dark on Wayzata Bay.

KSAX in Alexandria reports some areas recieved a dusting, others got no snowfall yesterday.

A call to Fergus indicated just a dusting there...

There's perhaps an inch of wraparound snowfall predicted today that may influence sailing conditions...

Updates to follow with ice reports