how fast does ice grow?

during good ice making conditions?

is there some old saying that the old-timers know?

but here's a cool site from the army corp of engineers..

Accumulated Freezing Degree Day
Data for the Upper Midwest

it tells you what the theoretical ice should be, but more important there is an equation to how fast ice growths..

the stephan formula..
thickness = C * (AFDD)^0.5
AFDD = Acumulated Fahr Degree Day
and FDD = ( 32 - daily-avg-temp )
and C is a coefficent between 0.4-0.6, depending

this pdf explains all..

looking at st cloud, mn data we see for Average lake with snow:
5.7in we had about 4" up in brainerd. not to bad..

of course looking at minnepolis,
we have a 70 AFFD, which is 5.0 inches.. and we don't have that..

but from the equation above it looks like we need some 15 deg days for 4 days to get 4-5 inches..

How fast does ice grow?

Just fast enough in Buffalo's case!

It is now 100% ice and growing.

It's going to be perfect.

JD US4691

JD US4691