Ice Checking for Western Challenge Regatta

Fergus Falls, MN 0600 local, 19 Deg F, Wind NW 25 - 40 (est, the official annomometer is frozen :), The highways are all closed, Blizzard conditions will continue until late morning.

Due to the bad weather, there is no morning Bull Riding at the Bull's Eye Ranch in Emerado! The announcement is scrolling across the bottom of the TV Screen with the school and road closings, hehehehe.

Standing outside last night,I could hear, above the wind thru the trees, the gentle arcing current on an ice laden powerline brushing up against the tree in my back yard, (this observer may go dark momentarily) and then, about sunset, hundreds of snowmobiles getting revved up for the first time in years. Those guys are going riding today!

To the regatta: This was a pretty big storm, we need to assess our current available ice inventory. I expect it's going to require all of today's daylight to see where we will sail this weekend. We will have several options.

All Minnesota Ice Sailors are encouraged to examine potential venues in their immediate area for suitability today.

In addition to our six usual suspects, we are looking for a lake that fits this description:
- Frozen, 1000+ acres substantially clear of visible hazards, (a large shallow bay of a big lake may be suitable, bigger = better)
- Clear of snow (at least 50% clear warrants investigation, bare ice = best)
- Accessable (we can get on the ice)
- Less than 20 miles to housing, restaurants etc.

Please post pertinent info on lakes meeting this description as soon as possible, or in the alternative, notify 4691 (jd); John Loomis; or any member of the Minnesota Ice Sailing Association by email or phone.

This information will be compiled over the day, summarized and posted no later than 7:00 Local time this evening, the intent to schedule more detailed inspections tomorrow morning if required.

It's gonna be great!


Lake Waconia Report

If anyone is scouting in the Buffalo Lake area, I report that Lake Waconia is 100% open, ready to freeze this weekend-hopefully the wind will die down. I will keep you updated from the southern shore of Lake Waconia with a 30 foot vertical perspective.


Marcum did say they had ice in Lacrosse last week. You there Marcum? We need a report!

The other good news is the frigid temps coming our way!

Plenty of options!