Weekend iceboating location?

Where is this weekend's iceboating gathering location (in MN)?

Are there any bays of Mtka adequately frozen yet?

Spring Park and Wayzata Bay safe to sail

I sailed spring Park all weekend...last night some drifts formed, but not too bad...Wayzata had a DN and Knight on it today, no drifts..reports were excellent and solid ice....

Go Icesurf! Snazzy!

Go Icesurf! Snazzy!

Harrisons Bay, Lake Minnetonka FROZEN

Harrisons Bay on Tonka is frozen solid.

See here at http://www.therockwells.net/webcam/webcam.htm

Sail by and be on the streaming webcam!

Eddie Rockwell

that is really cool...

i want to do a live streaming iceboating regatta, use a laptop w/ hotspot (er, poached) wireless, or data cell phone.


crystal lake burnsville

sailed saturday 12-4. main lake frozen with 3-5 inches. ice rates an 8 with only small cracks and minimal debris. lake surface is incredibly dirty as my line was pitch black after sailing.will sail sunday pm if temps and wind cooperate. dn904

Sailed Cedar lake

Cedar lake south, off HWY 13 south of prior lake,Absolutely smooth black
ice, 4in on 12/17 launched from north end of lake.(clean too,not near 35w)

spring park bay..

I got a phone call from steveK saying he was sailing around spring park bay... on a friday sunset cruise... said it was nice..

I'm going to spring park bay.

think ice.

Ice conditions in Iowa

3 DN's sailed Clear Lake, Ia. Friday PM. Verrrry smooth conditions. North shore side the best I've seen. 3 1/2 to 4" Locals will be setting up at the fish hatchery 1302 N Shore Drive Clear Lake, Ia 50428. Good parking and walk in axcess.

sat mn sailing site?

swede safest bet, get going early, 10 am, before too windy and cold. otherwise spring park if checked out? lets go, want to break another mast!!! meyer


If someone could post the directions to Sweade Lake?



See map under heading of Where is Swede Lake, below.



Thanks! hope to see you all out on the ice!



Spring Park Bay "looks" real nice, but there were some holes on the south end near the islands that just recently froze over. Definitely needs to be checked out before sailing.

West Bay had many more holes and some are still open. Don't go there.

Cooks Bay has an icehouse on it, for whatever that means.

Ice at my house (southeast side of Enchanted Island) is 2-3" and beautiful.

Minnetonka Ice

(Sat.PM) Main Lower Lake from Mtka.Yacht Club to Crystal Bay had white caps and blue water. Mixed ice and open water from Greenwood shore to Big Island. Tonka Bay and Gideons Bay had open water into Excelsior Bay. I Saw one lone iceboat on Tonka Bay northwest of the boat works.
2 guys were checking the ice off Greenwood shore. There spuds were going through on the 3rd of 4th stab. They stayed less than 100 yrds from shore.
On Big Island north of Veterans Camp, 10 Bald Eagles were sitting in the trees. Best view of them was from the swimming beach on Linwood
Rd. This part of the lake is not ready for iceboats.

DN seen on Spring Park Bay

Friday afternoon 2:30 a DN was cruising the north shore of Spring Park. I did not see any open spots. I also saw a couple of fishermen and ice skaters on Crystal Bay 100 yds out. I am setting up to sail til dark on West Arm to check it out before windier day on Sat. Has Swede been sailed yet?

Mtka update

I sailed on West Arm of Lake Minnetonka, where I live, Friday late afternoon. 2-4 inches of ice, no open holes detected and perfect wind and ice conditions. The lower lake is still half open. With the current winds sounding like 20-25MPH and the forcast for more, I am not sure about today! I get scared easily!

Mike Miller

Where is Swede Lake?

I'm a newby, never had my boat out. Being of swedish descent I should probably know this, but where is Swede Lake?


Try this

Thanks for the map!




Swede Lake! I heard from a reliable source that Swede Lake has from 3" to 6" of ice on it. Please keep in mind that no one has sailed on it and you should be on the look out for unsafe areas, espeacially if your the first ones there. We may have other options. But, at this time Swede Lake is the Place. Look for more info on Friday afternoon. JD US4691

JD US4691

doctor check-in...

calling the doctor. doctor come in..... swede lake drive-by requested...

sailing this weekend

Sweed lake is a good possibility. We need someone to give it a look. Spring Park Bay could also be worth looking at. I'm out until Sunday afternoon with christmas stuff.

JD US4691

JD US4691

Good question, anyone checked

Good question, anyone checked Sweade lately?