A Christmas Miracle?!!!

I do not believe in Santa Claus but I do consider this a Christmas miracle. After all, there was no advanced warning: No phone call, no e-mail and no text message.
But, miraculously, there they were.
So, all I can do is thank the UPS driver for delivering my "lost" runners to my front door. And, a special thanks to whoever played a role in their safe return. My faith in the DN class has been restored.

Think Ice!

great sail wed 12/26

mathew steve and tommy sailed the half mile by half mile perfect ice area middle of lake. med wind from the east. up and down from crack to rough area. great day!! plus others out to get the last day in before the storm. ps. thurs pm. looks like snow melted into the water. sun might be good with all frozen. ice check sat to see if all froze smooth enough

ya xxxxx

Minnetonka ice

A walk out on West Arm at 10:30 Friday. The .75” of rain, snow and sleet, did sort of Zamboni Minnetonka. There still is a half inch of water between top ice and old ice. Every step cracked the top layer. In a couple hours, probably will freeze thru. A very pebble surface will be left with 10% snow patches.
I would think it could be sailable by Sat.

Mike Miller