Tonka- Main Lake NOT SAFE

I know Mike said that standing a few hundred yards in front of Harry's that the ice towards Brackett's Point "looks" good but BEWARE! Standing on tip of Brackets Point this morning and looking towards Harry's I could see open water and duck holes. Also, while the big open spot that covered at least 1/3 of the main lake earlier this week is now mostly skimmed over it has not been scouted and I doubt it is more than an inch thick. The fisherman in Browns Bay this am said they would not venture out on the ice. The bait shop in Navarre said stay off the main lake. The video posted on Facebook featuring a well known local fishing guide said the lake is not safe. My recommendation: Stay of the main lake. It is not safe. Also, wear ice picks. Never sail alone. Make sure someone has your back.

sailed sun 3pm

8 mph. little rumbly for a dn. ok for nite. 1” drifts. safe in front of kittys to excelsior beach and rob evans old house. but out from there far side a 40’ dia late freeze hole that is very very smooth so can easily see from rougher area. not sure thickness. didnt sail on. meyer

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