Waconia this weekend!

Waconia is the place to be. I just drilled holes 18 inches deep and never hit water. Fishermen report 25 inches. Surface has improved, and there is a substantial sailing area larger than any other lake around. Still rough but perfectly sailable. There is no snow and the ice is fairly hard considering the time of day i looked at it. The DNR launch on the North side works fine. Best to carry on in the area where the kites rig. The snow prediction is now almost nothing. I will set up the skeeter Saturday morning. Great chance for some warm spring sailing.


I sailed Waconia yesterday, staying west of the In Town marina road, and it was pretty good. Have to watch for fishing hole ice mounds as usual but did not see any significant cracks or drain holes. Ice is rough where old snowmobile and tire tracks are still visible but reasonable aside from those. Was pretty fast in yesterday’s wind and looks to be the same today. No snow overnight so should be another good day.