Lake Waconia

Conditions look very good, barely any small snowy patches, very few pop-up ice houses. One small open or late freeze up area (maybe 50ft x 50ft) NW of Coney Island. Launch at DNR ramp on NE side of lake along Hwy 92 at Hwy 155. Warm up at Vandy's Grill (11-9 T-Th, 11-10 Sat, 11-2 Sun) at Island View Golf course a couple miles south of launch on Hwy 92.

Put a lot of miles on the SW

Put a lot of miles on the SW side of Waconia this week. Ice is pretty good condition. Some frozen cracks 1-2” wide but easy to avoid or cross. Most run North South. Fishing holes multiplying fast out in front of Marina.