Tues Dec 19 - 1 pm Tonka Bay

Monday was a ton of fun. We saw serval Nites, two pocket Skeeters, Maloney with his vintage skeeter, an awesome looking J-14 and 8 DNs. Many have committed to sail again on Tuesday starting at 1 pm. Join us. The ice is awesome. Launch at the ramp at Wehkota Beach and Park just west of Tonka Bay Marina or park on the road on the west side of the park and carry onto the ice. We have been asked by the City of Tonka Bay to keep cars and trailers of off the sand beach. Please respect their wishes. Also, do venture beyond Tonka bay or Guideans Bay. The rest of the lake is not safe. Repeat: The rest of the lake is NOT SAFE. Never sail alone and wear ice claws.

Wednesday saw another great

Wednesday saw another great day. Fast ice with 10-12 mph winds got the DN’s screaming along in control!
I ventured into the main lake via NE point of Big Island. Sailed almost to Brackett’s Pt to Deephaven on my DN. Shove ice was pretty rough to get into Mtka Yacht Club. Most of the afternoon was rippin fun. 6 or so DN’s and a few Nites. Still great ice and no snow so far.

Mike Miller