Tonka Bay is-ready on Lake Minnetonka

Meyer and I walked from Sunrise Pt, halfway to Gale Island on really nice ice.3.5-4 inches thick everywhere. 5 + inches at landing we are going to use. Wehkota Beach and Park. Right next to Tonka Bay Marine. A small access allows us to back trailers on the ice. Park vehicles in the circle drive. If it gets crowded, park on the other side of the park on the road. It’s a short carry to ice. Ice has a few scattered pieces of snow. Most are no issue. The largest ones have 2.5” snow, easy to steer around or blast-em.

Meyer, Rob and myself will be there around noon. We plan to leave trailer and boats set up on the ice for the next week! Even though the winds may only be 5-6 on Friday, perfect scouting wind. It’s possible we have good ice all the way to Harry Allen’s landing, but needs scouting before anyone launches there.
Bloom and Dr plan to be there with marks! Wear your ice picks!
Looks like no snow in forecast for a week or so and moderate temps.

Echo Bay ice

Scouted the Sailing area. Found 4 inches all test holes. Covered Echo Bay to southern end of Big Island east to Excelsior Bay. One easy to see previous open area with only 2 inches ice in a large 60 foot long area about in the middle. It needs to be marked with a cone. Now with 1/4” new snow will not be easy to see!
A ridge running east from Gale Island to Mark Krezowski and Kitty’s house or known as Sloberg Pt. Areas of refreeze by seam of 1 3/4”! I did not venture North towards Harry’s. Ok also into Gideon’s Bay. All we need is 5-6 MPH or more and would be fun.
2 boats set up next to Tonka Bay Marina. Hoping for some breeze Sat-Sun. Monday looks great!

Mike Miller