Christina update

Friday 3 PM ice report of Christina:
1. Had a short period of light rain this afternoon. Now has a great skim coat.
2. 46 F high today, 33 on Sat, 40 Sun, 48 Mon, get the idea!
3. Ice and landing holding good at 5” ice out 100 ft.
4. The same 3-4 open holes/seams from last Sunday have somewhat increased in size
5. There continues to be a small racing area we used Sunday good for maybe 20 boats on a half mile course at most.
6. Twin Cities group plans to skip Sat and head up Sunday in hopes they can find a 1 mile square area that is safe of holes
7. The powers to be are searching ice further north all the way to Thunder Bay for regatta size and quality ice.
Mike Madge, give JD or me a call!


Drifter and a kiter will be on Christina early Sunday.
Any DN’s? Looks likes decent breeze. Better winds up on the 3 lakes near Twig, Mn.
Grand Lake 1600 acres
Wild Rice Lake 2100 acres depth of max 11 ft
Fish Lake 3500 acres
The big part of Island Lake just to the north of these is open. These 3 lakes are reported to be 4-6”
These lakes need to be scouted!

Mike Miller