Shake down run on Bald Eagle 12-31-16

(click for pictures) Well, Bald Eagle turned out to be a bust for racing on 12/31. Ice too rough. Looks so good but sucks so much. A little bit of recreational sailing for 3 nites, 1 DN and 1 Skeeter, but none of us lasted long. Got a good chance to test all the new Drifter parts and test for vibration resistance. Stiffer springboard is finally correct now, new runners worked great, new-used blade/storm sail seemed to work somewhat, new plank seems good but might need shims to get chocks flat. The plank is so hollow that you could hear the echo like a drum on the rough ice. A tough day iceboating is still better than any day at the office, but really need the Zamboni !!!!!!
Bald Eagle Lake 12-31-16 picture 2 Bald Eagle Lake 12-31-16 picture 1

Tonka about the same

After two days on Tonka Main Lake to Excelsior it was also rough. Tolerable on Nites or bigger. Not so good for a DN.
I just saw a FB video of even rougher ice on Buffalo Lake! We need help around here!

Mike Miller