Christina again

4824 and 4961 and me, 5214 went back up to Christina yesterday (Saturday, December 12th). Light wind let us get in some practice racing. The ice condition at first appeared better. The surface was all nice and clean. Once we got out there, there were a lot of drain holes and we had to carefully navigate those to get to west side of the lake. We setup some cones, marked the obvious drain hole, and had a nice day. I learned that the drain holes are the shiny black areas. Drain holes are hard to see, for me.

The Doctor had the speed. The ice was starting to get pretty well honey combed by the end of the day. One of us didn't make it through the shore/duck/mud hazard without putting a foot in. All in all a pretty good day.

sailing this weekend, 12/19?

swede lake? someone needs to check it out Friday pm, I can't. doubt upper lake, even the bay, or Tonka bay will be ready. christina is getting dumped on tues night and wed with 6"+ snow. maybe all the snow will cool down gull lake for West reg. meyer

ya xxxxx

Surprising conditions

In spite of 3 warm days, surprised you could sail it. Mike R, the local called me Friday afternoon, to say it looked dangerous, but an ice fisherman buddy reported 5 inches of ice on Pelican Lake narrows, but much of the rest of Pelican not safe to fish on.

Mike Miller

it was dangerous ;-)

It wasn't safe. We all felt really good not sailing into a hole. I wouldn't want to sail on it today. The light winds made it possible.