Great western challenge

22 Nov 2015 1:58 am

The western challenge is 13 days away. Lake Christina is now ice. We plan to sail Thanksgiving weekend and will post a report after the weekend.



Ice Conditions

Ice conditions as of 2 pm Tuesday; We have recieved snow in the area of Lake Christina in the amount of about three inches. We plan to have the lake sailed tomorrow to asses the sailing conditions. At the same time we continue to look for alternate sites in Minnesota and near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Next update Wednesday afternoon.


JD US4691

Friday ice conditions on Christina

The scouting team reports had fast perfect ice!

Mike Miller

Time to burn off your turkey dinner

Christina Lake up in Ashby Mn has clean ice for this weekend for some scouting and scrub races. Sat-Sun looks like the biggest group, based on wind forecasts.
I have our good friend Mike Risbrodt up in Ashby drilling a couple if holes for thickness and sending photos on Wed PM.
Time to sharpen runners and get sailing before any snow arrives!

Mike Miller


sat and/or sunday better for me. more wind/sunny? meyer PS: I hear doctor up there fri thru sun. so guys up all weekend. JD fri and sat. I'm going up with miller+? for sat and sun, staying up there. we have two trailers available for partners. PS2: weather looks epic

...can not sail until Sunday.

...can not sail until Sunday. Going to Chicago for Thanksgiving.
Think Ice!
DN 5432