sailing thurs and friday, 12/22 and 23, where?

at mike millers yet, or anybody brave enough to try the main lake? it had a couple of duck holes monday off se corner of big island otherwise was closed. maybe new years. friday looking excellent! meyer

Main Lake is sweet!

At least 10 DN's and a few Nites at Harry's . One small pressure ridge to the north. Take it slow and no problem. One open hole with an orange mark. It is just North of Big Island. JD's one mile course is further north and start line on the east shore. Ice measured about 4 inches and hard.
I hear 9 AM start on Xmas eve as many have to leave early. Wind 10-15!!

Lake Washington was not

Lake Washington was not quite stress free. Large heave divides the lake in 2. Small heave on the east side was open - didn't wreck anything but did get a little wet.


Lake Washington, Meeker County

2400 acres of stress free sailing. 8" of ice on 12/18. That is where I am going to be Fri PM.


Main Lake is ready for us!!

Kennedy reports an iceboat along MYC shore today. JD & Dr are going to show us the way around the Main Lake on Friday! Can't wait for a big sheet in big wind. Will start from Harry's in Cottagewood. Take it slow to check it out first. A known hole exists to the NW of Brackets Pt.
I will bring the marks.
Watch for further updates.

JD says main lake at harry's friday. thinks it is thick enough

cold tonight. he is going to be there by 9am. ICE NEEDS TO BE CHECKED YET!! so proceed with caution. can anyone drill it today? meyer

ya xxxxx

West Arm today

Meyer and I are setting up by noon today. Come join the fun. Still have 8 DN's, a Nite and Jerry K joining us on his Nite later today. All are parked at my private marina. Ice is still safe and perfect. We expect other options by weekend such as Spring Park and Main Lake. Nice wind today and bigger on Friday.

Thursday wind 10-20!!

Looks like a good wind of 10-20 and high of 26 for Thursday.
Maybe the Tonka boats should head up to Bald Eagle too! Or try out main lake at Harry's, Shorewood or Echo Bay. West Arm is getting a little small even though safe, no fish houses, and great ice! Still 7 DN's and 2 Nites set up here. One heading out now in minimal breeze.

main lake fri/sat, mike, I'll go out after you

don't see that much wind thurs, more fri. cold thurs and fri night. anyone know how thick it is, wed pm? meyer

ya xxxxx

Main Lake Tonka

Passed by at 3 PM Wed and with a touch of white stuff, could see a good sized duck/goose hole by Bracketts and a hovercraft ripping by Big Island on top of ice! Hope the dusting of snow stops.
Need a reliable report of main lake?

Back to Bald Eagle Lake

I'm thinking I will be sailing Bald Eagle Lake in White Bear on Thursday and Friday. It's just too good of conditions to pass up. Very solid ice, few fishermen so far, lots of boats set up.

South lake

I saw kids playing hockey in the middle of Excelsior Bay yesterday, Gideon's And Echo bays are looking good as well. Several boats will be setting up at SYC today with hopes of sailing tomorrow when the wind returns.

Thanks for the updates

This is the first web site I check in the morning. We don't have enough ice here in Iowa to freeze a bird bath. Now if you could just scare up a bit of wind. Actually my personal Holy Grail at the moment is firm snow, the hard wind blown stuff you get up there that one can walk on. I haven't been able to give my Ice Flyer snowboard package a fair test yet.