sailing this weekend, 12/10 and 11? where?

new black ice: spring park froze? when? or bay by al and almas (we sailed there once freezes earlier), or? hopefully closer than buffalo/christina. too much snow on swede? meyer


Another great afternoon on West Arm. 15 DN's in moderate breeze, including a guy from Chicago looking for ice!
Many still set up for a big day Sunday. Get it early before the warm temps.
The marks are still set and ice is still fast.
We also had a photo guy neighbor at the leeward mark and starts. I will be getting a disc.

bald eagle seems good

bald eagle seems good again,should be able to get some races in both days this weekend

Launch location?

Where do you set up on Bald Eagle? Is there trailer access? Is the public launch suitable?

Green Lake ice , Spicer

I'm a novice out here....sailed my DN (5445) 12/10 in 12mph winds..and had a blast ....12/11 in 20mph winds...had another blast and my attention. This is a 5400 acre lake that doesn't freeze glass like too often but has this year....5 - 6 inches with a dusting of powder from this morning. I'll sail it again tomorrow 10 or 11am. Saulsbury Mels sport shop & gas, and what used to be little Melvins to the south.


Saturday 12/17 Lake Minnetonka

Conditions look good with 6' of ice
Whos coming sailing and where on the lake???

My house on West Arm
Easy to find. There are 3 small parking spaces on the bay side at each of the neighbors just before my house you can use along with my driveway and along one side of the road.
Last Sat we had 14 DN's. I would guess at least that many again this weekend.
No problem changing in my lower level and use of the toidy.
1987 Fagerness Pt Rd

I am there!

Nice weather and wind too.

Drag out the grill for Sunday??


Saturday 12/17

What Time?

West Arm looks great

I measured 6 inches of solid ice on West Arm of Tonka out 100 yds. The rain has soaked in and refroze. No hazards noted. The minimal seams have a pebble texture. Looks like way too much wind today. Saturday could again be perfect with up to 10 MPH predicted.
A 30% chance of a few flurries on Friday with light and variable.
Stay tuned.

Now rain!

Up to a quarter inch of rain now forecast with 40 degree temps. Not sure what that will do to the ice that was excellent on Saturday and Sunday.
Maybe time to move the DN onshore and see what happpens later in the week.

Sunday Gustday

Sunday on West Arm was a handful this morning with big blasts coming thru the short course...

racing to resume around 3:00pm

Bald Eagle ice

sailed bald eagle today. great ice. we had a dozen boats out. races tomorrow starting at 11.

West Arm of Tonka

Now has 4 inches of good looking ice. Setting up now. Kennedy is heading over to my house now See post below for directions . Should be good again tomorrow. Easy access from my driveway. All our welcome.

Oh Yeh

Fun day on West Arm. 14 DN's Must have raced 10 -3 lap races. Very fast ice. Need sharp runners. Boats are still set up for Sunday's breeze of 10-20. What a start for the season!! Joy to the World.
Great vantage for spectators right from my west facing yard.
Chairs and firepit included.

We'll be there

Josh Bone and I will see you there.



Sunny and blowing 12 mph also

Wind and sunshine too

Lake Jenny, Meeker Co

That is where I plan to be sailing Sat afternoon. 1088 acres of snow free ice. Short walk into south bay was glass. 3 Ice houses out from south access. Some enterprising person could check it out on Fri. I suggest going out from north access and leave well before dusk so as not to disturb the walleye fishmen. I begged last year, but not this time. As my late Daddy said, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.


and my dad said...

you can lead a horse to drink, but you can't make him water....

Checked Spring Park

Walked out on Spring Park Bay ice measured 3 inches. Looks great except the open area to the South of Casco Pt toward the island. Looks sailable.
Measured the same 3 inches on my bay West Arm and no open spots.
I have room for 10 vehicles to walk 20 feet to shore. Decent bay to sail on also and can even sail into Fletchers for a bump! Getting down to zero tonight and winds 10-15 next 2 days.
Let me know if any interest on Fri or warmer on Sat.
Photo posted in library images.
Mike DN5369

spring park, thurs pm

yes, still open water at caso pt, east of there towards hwy 19 frozen. will prob all freeze tonight. enough ice by sat?? or could just sail in the bay or take mike up on his offer to sail west arm. never sailed there. what rd is that off hwy 19 to your house after the bridge going north, across the bay from fletchers? that area is bigger/better than spring park bay? for a south wind. is the bar open at your house? tom

ya xxxxx

west arm, new is good.

I'm in. How do we get on the ice?

Sail Sat on West Arm

My bar is always open and cheaper than Fletchers.
I have sailed West Arm a few times and it is bigger and safer than Spring Park. I may try to get out on Fri to scout it too. The map below should show you the area. I am third house from the end on Fagerness Pt Rd.

Spring Park, Thursday 3:30 PM

I must have just missed you, Mike. I agree with the 3" and the open water at the island. But there are several pools of water scattered along the entire length of the west shore. Much larger than yesterday.


Swede and Waconia

I just drove through "Out West".
Swede is sailable with 3.5" of smooth ice under 1"-1.5" of light snow that has not adhered to the ice nor drifted. There were a couple of guys out ice fishing so I felt comfortable walking out a ways and punching holes.
Waconia seems to be completely frozen with smooth ice with only some hoar frost on the surface. I was alone and chicken so I only went out 50' or so and measured 2".
Mike Maloney