2011 Great Western Challenge - Dec 2-4

The Minnesota Ice Sailing Association is pleased to announce the 2011 Great Western Challenge is scheduled for the first weekend in December on the best ice in Minnesota.
JD's view of Lake Christina, Minnesota - The morning of November 27th, 2011

PRIMARY LOCATION IS Lake Christina, Ashby, Minnesota
Lodging is in Alexandria, Minnesota

Regatta Headquarters: Holiday Inn, Alexandria Minnesota

Host: Minnesota Ice Sailing Association
Location: Lake Christina, Minnesota
Launch Site: the ditch at Mile Marker 8
Date: December 2 - 4, 2011

Same format as always.

Scrub Racing on Friday December 2nd (always the best day)
Racing Starting at 11:00am on Saturday
Racing Starting at 10:00am on Sunday

More information will be available on this site
or just give JD a call @ (six one two) 840-9855

It has been getting chilly and expectations are high!

As always, iceboaters of all abilities are encouraged to attend this casual event.

Great Day on Great Ice

The gang all setup

The gang headed up to Lake Christina in Ashby, Minnesota on Sunday.

The early bird got the worm on this day because the wind faded by around 2:00pm.

It was great to be sailing on clear ice with no snow on it.

We got in a half-dozen races and the doctor (4824) was FAST!

The Doctor

Regulators Let get ready to Ride!

The first rip of the year is set for Christina,just outside of Ashby,MN. Have talked to several people who are planning to sail tomorrow. See You there.



The ditch is steeper than you remember, they were for me, mind your trailers, or take pictures of the ones tipped on their sides for easy equipment removal.

The Local Ice reporters said the snow event was only "a few flakes..."

I replied, "A few flakes? wait til tomorrow, you're sure to find a few on flying around Lake Christina too!" :)

Good idea

Bloom and Miller heading up to Christina at 6:30.
Forecast looks perfect. Come and get it.

Mike Miller

Big Detroit Lake, MN Ice Report

Detroit Lakes, MN -  Fresh Freeze!

Details on this fresh freeze and others are expected soon.

Tom from Fargo ND's World Renowned Robert St. Yacht Club and Aeronautical Society reports Big Detroit Lake, Detroit Lakes MN froze after the snows on Saturday into early Sunday Morning... the locals have their eye's out for us.

It's been a long time since we sailed a Great Western Challenge here, it was the same first weekend in December then, but that was before it had a name:

TV guy: "....Does this event have a name?

IceMaker: "Ahhh.... mmmmm....ahhhh, Ya it does... hold on....give me a minute on this will you".

The IceMaker's Marketing>Branding tip for the day: Have your story straight before the TV Cameras show up.

DL Looks great!!

Lets hope the warm weather and snow stay away!!

Here is a link to some photos I took today on Blanche Lake ( just a few miles from Battle Lake.


Dirk Siems
DN US445

Dirk Siems
DN US445

That is a hotel in the background...

Note: Detroit Lakes MN is a bit farther on down the road, on US 10 about 25 miles north of Dead Lake. There will be a number of lakes in the Alexandria and Brainerd Areas that kicked as well, it was darn chilly last night.

Christina ... and beyond

Christina Froze Wednesday, and had maybe 3-5" snow yesterday on what would have been very thin ice yesterday morning,

there will be ice to report upon as soon as we field the search.

there is much to be done...

updates to follow

-5 celcious here in Thunder

-5 celcious here in Thunder Bay

Fergus Falls temps

Dropping to 4F Sat nite. Ice is soon coming.

Mike Miller