Seems to me... If we want a Westerns...

We had a pretty fantastic day on Lake Calhoun, well I did!

Ice Report:

Between Pepin and Buffalo, we should have 50 CM of ice in pretty good shape by Saturday.

The challenge is things will change daily. We need some info for racing...

Unless you all want to go cruise with the A boats on Tonka, which I've heard rumblings about.

It only gets better!


Western Regional--20 & 21

Weekend forecast for MSP and beyond (northwest) looks great. Clear skies with lows below freezing each morning Friday through Sunday. Approaching high pressure will bring nice wind out out of Canada. Possibly some precip for Pepin by the weekend but this, too could work.

We have good chance to get the regatta in.

If we really want to push things, we can boat until mid April--Alexandria, Brainerd, Mil Lacs, etc. This may not be our last chance, but it will be a good opportunity.

It is the best opportunity since we sailed Green Lake the first time in January!

sail out of harry's this sat/sun, looking cool fri/sat pm.

for those that don't want to drive 7hrs to escanaba for westerns. which includes me. could have sailed tonka last sat, sorry for blown call, much more real lake than calhoun.

ya xxxxx

Damn internet!


You should know better!

No one expected the 12-15 mph we got all afternoon on Sunday either. You don't know until you go...

So how is Pepin/Harry's lookin'?!


No one expected the 12- 15?

Excuse me....

millacs where markham and i boated last easter

below freezing thurs, no snow/rain fri, that's the place to go. sw corner of lake, launch ramp there, only 2 hrs up 169, huge 2 mile bay. see web cams. best day will be monday. concerned about enough wind. looking little warm in town here wed/thur/fri, maybe toasted here. pepin toooooo much flow. good way to go swimming. looks a little wet in escanaba for fri/sat. also cold not getting there till sat night. ps: 12/15 mph sun afternoon??? what are you smoking? anyone sail sun? not enough wind on tonka. sat am yes.

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What am I smoking?

Last Sundays wind at MSP...forecast was for 6-8 mph so I packed a kite.


There were 6-8 DN's and 5 kites on Calhoun all day till sunset. 45 mph on the GPS, that on slush runners.

Time to wake up and leave the bear-den, Flyer!



ok, ok, ok

but at least i got back in from canada without a passport, although i'm sure you were all rooting for anothe outcome. where was it posted on fri to sail calhoun or tonka, i'm not the only one to not get something organized. millacs friday, 30 thur night. put up old photo from last yr.

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what about western regionals at Waconia?

Doctor called and says waconia was looking good.

Looking good weather wise 22 low 40 high for saturday.

Let's go sail it on Thursday and then we can call our Rear Commodore and let him know, and he can decide on thursday.


They're all black...

Buffalo is better...

Shady shore...


going to be harsh on them thurs/fri. colder in brainerd. might be worth the extra 1 hr drive vs buffalo. for those coming from east, prob only 1/2 hr vs even waconia.

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