Most Excellent Ice remains in Minnesota...

DN 5050 in a drive by shooting, up the Lake Wobegon Trail, near Avon MN reports most excellent ice conditions...

US 5555 is organizing an ice checking expedition near Fergus Falls, e.g., Battle Lake

Brainerd area shows promise also, soliciting reports...

Ice reports to follow...

it could happen...


harry and al walked out from his house, got on ok, there is a crack west of his house, setting up knights there sat. maybe too rumbly for dn, maybe smoother after sat with sun and 40. more wind on sun and 45, may help smooth it.

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minnetonka sat/sun??

anyone walked out from harrys? can get on there? how rough? looks like more wind here and less driving vs gull lake.

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New crack on Tonka

Just drove by Smith's bay, Friday 2 PM. There's a seam, roughly 5' to 10' wide that cuts directly across Smith's Bay beginning just north of the Arcola Bridge.


ba ba ba ba BA bumpy :)

DN 5050

DN 5050


While at showing homes n/w of St. Cloud yesterday, I noticed a few smaller lakes that looked sailable. I had clients w/ me so I couldn't stop and walk the ice.
It looked good from a drive by though. Anyone else out and about up North w/ something they can report???

DN 5050

DN 5050

Much Less snow on Mille Lacs...

602 and 4811 are leading an expedition north tomorrow morning... with DNs...

Ice Report: Mille Lacs, 2.5-3.0 feet of ice remains, top is honeycombed, ATVs are still driving, access can be challenging... Mille Lacs got a dusting Wednesday Night, Brainerd reported an inch of snow...

Destination, boatable ice near Brainerd, MN

Who's in?

Fishing Reports in the Brainerd Area

While we were thinking Lake Minnetonka was toast on Sunday there were still driving trucks on 3' of ice near Brainerd.

Ernie's on Gull Lake reports

Ernie's on Gull Lake reports "We got about an inch of snow last night, landing is clear, there's a little open water at the edge, but you should be able to get on.

the day to go is friday (again, again)

better wind, not much sat, is anyone not working besides me?? battles lake is an option to. but gull closer with ernies. dr and steph can't come though as were toooo bad last time there. meyer

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give us an Ice Report Tommy!

Who's gonna ride that Chrome Three Wheeler?

Who wants to wear the gypsy leathers?

Who wants to brave those bronze beauties lying in the sun...with their long soft hair...

Who wants to play those 8's & Aces...

602's gone off to Fire Lake!'s up to U!


Any sailing happened this weekend?

sailing - none

too rough. was good wind on sunday.

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