sat (3/7) sailing on pepin, lake city??

who's in? need to confirm ice there. below freezing tonight, looks like no snow/rain till sunday. 10 mph wind. one day deal. 11 am start. someone confirm ice there!!!! and post. meyer

Saturday 7 March Lake Pepin

Six DNs sailed Pepin launching both at Pepin WI and Lake City MN,

Highlights of the day included a Race from Pepin to Lake City, ~ 7 miles one way. Skinny Inserts were the runner of choice all day.

As we left it, Pepin is an excellent sheet of spring ice with a threatening weather forecast. Theres a little shell ice on the surface from the very warm weather, it slows the boats a bit but it was not a safety concern.

All the DNs left the ice but the plan on Pepin is to reassess the opportunity in light of the morning forecast, it's not far, and it's a delightful drive.

I understand there will be an effort to sail Onalaska near LaCrosse this morning.

Sunday on Pepin

KA 2 reports a delightful sail was had on Pepin on Sunday March 8, the forecast snow did not happen, and at sunset the lake remained in excellent condition.


a dumb as went there, tone of rain and snow, everything i owned was soaked and i was cold. blew that call, plus markham isn't even that much fun.

ya xxxxx



NOAA calls for 4-7", we ditch, and the sun comes out on Sunday. Lies, I tell you, all LIES! I think I will look out the window next time.

We knew by the light of the moon on the way home it was gonna be good on Sunday.

Oh well, at least we got entertained...


Calhoun info - no go

I checked Calhoun 8 am Sunday - it is still too sticky with 75% snow coverage - it will not loosen up today so we may be headed back to Pepin on Sunday.

"90% chance of snow" 1-3 inches has been forecast all morning but currently it is "partly cloudy" from here to La Crosse and not snowing down there. My guess is it will hold off for most of the day.

The ice is really good from Lake City to Pepin and beyond and there is a lot more wind forecast for today (10-13 mph).

I need a coffee before I make any decisions.


What a great day sailing on Lake Pepin

Sorry you missed it. :(

Had a blast, put on about 65 miles, the ice is great.

DN 5050

DN 5050

Pepin Wi. sailing today the bus is leavin now....

The bus is leaving for Pepin wi.

we'll be setting up by the Pickle Factory.

See You there. :)

DN 5050

DN 5050

Maiden Rock report...

Kiefer just called reporting from the Maiden Rock overlook that the ice looks good. He's heading down to Pepin and may have some photos to post.


Text msg. from Kiefer just after noon: "PEPIN IS EPIC! race results & photos to follow".

Word is that Wisconsin sailors have found good conditions at Green Lake and are sailing, too.

Adam-US5366's report from Pepin

"Pepin cond 7 of 10, N 6 to 10"

US-5366 Shot from Pepin Sat. 3/7/09

more lies...

Looking at GFS and NAM forecast, 6-8 mph all day.

Better than 3, I guess.

I'll make my call in the AM.


Pepin Wi

Pepin Wi. sounds good to me.
let's come up with a plan.

DN 5050

DN 5050

Pepin plan:

It's a stretch to think Tonka will be anything but slush...

Calhoun does look very promising, no ruts, little snow which was leaving fast, expect it'll be substantially clear and quite suitable in the morning, urban ammenities, promotional and social opportunities... what a thought...

But we can't sail a western's there

602's starting time call of 11:00 may be the right one...

Leave at 8, be setup by 11. ready to race.

Place: Go hang out with Ed N., buy him a burger for all the ice reports, if he comes to see his stern steerer at the Pickle Factory, and if it doesn't blow we're in a good place,

And sail, race'em (and I'll kick all your asses) and send an an ice report on Lake Pepin to the Rear Commodore for Regatta consideration for next weekend if it does.

Marks? I have some really bad long course stuff (flags & banners), but could probably, with a good drill, and a 1" set up a short course... :) I'm sure we can find something.

Alternate: You "City Boys" will probably have more wind, suitable ice, and all that ammenity stuff... Calhoun is the the best close in metro bet I'm aware of. Drag on at the Ramp near the Pavilion, and walk about a mile to park your car, or rooftop and portage from any parking place on Calhoun Parkway? I donno, I've never sailed there.

As for me, I'm going to the Pickle Factory, we have two known very good options for Saturday Sailing...

Suit yourselves... or go scrapbooking, blizzard on Tuesday.

Perhaps both will be sailed and reported, Call the stories, Sails of Two Tailers(tellers), or was it a Tale(Tail) of two Sailors? (Sorry), and omg, if 602 is right, polka music and husky, er, well nourished, farm girls to dance with on the way home... this could be epic! :)

Carpe DN
Class Member

plan on

being there, 11 am. dinner aftger on hwy 50 going back, at the farmers rest with poka music. meyer

ya xxxxx

pepin update

upon further consideration, lake city 27 tonight, wind out of north maybe 8 mph. so should go there. ice reported to be good.

ya xxxxx

maybe not enough wind pepin, more up here on minnetonka

see if we have ice here sat am and give it a try out of harrys. no drving. also group in white bear will probably be out and adam might try calhoun, call him for that. says the spandex watching is great down there, might be worth it for that. 4:30, minnetonka not looking so melted, calhoun might be the call.

ya xxxxx

Pepin Wisconsin might be a better choice.

The ice is suppose to be thicker at Pepin Wisconsin. 22" all the way across. Can't get a hold of the Pickle Factory-the line is busy. 715-442-4400. The ice was suppose to be be only 8" around Maiden Rock, which is accross from Lake City.
Pepin might be a sfer bet for sailing.
Haven't heard from any of the Pepin sailors, they do have boats set up in front of the Pickle Factory.

weather report for Pepin Wi.

DN 5050

DN 5050