Ice Report, Lake Pulaski, Buffalo, MN

I got to the ice about 10:30 good breeze, supposed to build* and in that light, set the boat up for sailing in a breeze, plate runners, mast stood up, and the sides loose as they go.

Some pretty big shots were coming thru. 5366's text told me "...G25 mph!"

The lake is about 80 % snow ice with 20 % like glass, the snow ice isn't terribly smooth. There is snow covering now about 30 - 40 percent of the lake.

Did I mention the Wind Forecast, sailing out of the landing area, under the shore, the boat slowed noticibly in the drifts, thought I might have to push, A little shot came down lifting the windward runner about 3 feet in the air, I tossed the tiller hard, and barely kept the runners under the plank, Yee-Ha!

I rode the puff all the way across the lake, big shifts, even at speed, big hikes, YeeHa. I sailed thru a couple snow drifts that were about half way up a bullnose runner, never felt a hint of any of those drifts.

Sailing upwind, did I report it got windy, the boat was about as hard mouthed as I've seen a dn, I turned it on a couple times, never did dare to get into the cockpit, did report it's windy now? The ice is rumbly, you feel the snow drifts at lower speeds, but once rocking, they weren't really noticable,

It was just like this video: "YeeHA!!!"


A DN and a Nite continue to rip this afternoon!


for sure it's not going to be this breezy over the weekend, the snow will change the dynamic in lighter air. and of couse it's not going to be where I left it, it's breezy today... Yee HA!

several dn sailors have said they were sailing tomorrow after the temps start to rise.

Buffalo Airport reported a 40 MPH gust about 11:30, jeez, I guess it was windy... :)

terms defined,

Hard Mouthed… You city boys, it’s a term used in the responsiveness of horses to their bridles…

According to the Dictionary of the American West Hard Mouthed: A way of describing a horse that's insensitive to the BIT.

More Reining your Horse

Dude. like a rodeo rider, Yee Ha!

Pulaski on Friday

Just getting loaded up, to set up and sail by noon when I checked the forecast!
Light and variable!
And Saturday the same!

Yikes-after yesterdays big blow, doesn't look good.
Plan B is Xmas shopping.

Mike DN

Mike Miller

basmoss enroute and has a question...

My husband is en route to Buffalo MN, he was in WI hwading towards Madison last I spoke with him. He is wondering if there is a hotel or motel near the regatta venue? Does anyone know? If you could reply to this comment I will call his cell and let him know where to go- ( or is it better to take this topic off the forum and discuss via email?, don't want to offend, apologies in advance)
'Iceboat Widow'

Hotel for your consideration

Hi Ice-widow,

There is no "official" regatta site per se. I'd stay here based on the reviews:

Best Western Chelsea Inn and SuitesAddress:
89 Chelsea Road
Monticello, MN 55362-8912

(763) 271-8880

About 7 miles north of the regatta site at I-94 and CR-25.


When the flag drops, it'll

When the flag drops, it'll be perfect!

When will the flag drop?

Good point. What is the schedule of events for this weekend? I don't think I can make it on Saturday, anyone sailing Sunday?

jim - DN5362

jim rosenthal - DN5362

start times

we're gunning for safety meeting at 1000 both days