This just in... Lake Pulaski in Buffalo, MN looks sailable for Saturday, Dec. 8

The Icemaker 4695 just called in after checking Lake Pulaski Friday, Dec. 7. He reports 1/2" of snow over 3" black ice. Boats will be meeeting there at 11 am Saturday, Dec 8 for a better look and sail.

He is also calling Pulaski as a primary site for the Great Western Challenge 2007, part duex.

Map of Pulaski

Looks like a public launch in the SW corner.

US 5366

it looks pretty good...

nothing more to say until we check it more carefully... but this looks like a place we can have a lot of fun next weekend.

Temps will be cool, Ice will be thin, there's one hazard close to the launch site, (ya won't miss the geese) which we'll have to mark.

Light winds shouldn't be a problem, I make it to be about 1/2 inch of powder snow in some really nice ice.

it's gonna be great.


As I watched the larger bodies of water freeze this year I noticed that the west sides froze early do to the high westerlys and the rotors over the shore. My best friend went out to check our fishin spot, poking the ice every step. About a hundred yards out the chisle went through with one poke! Not that you all don't know, but be EXTRA careful this year.


knee deep in the Hoopla

What day?

Thanks for your report, but what day did this happen? Yesterday or a week ago? What lake?


Pulaski Lake, yesterday

The report was from yesterday on Lake Pulaski, Buffao, MN.

The snow broke it up the old ice and now it has reformed acc. to icefishing reports. Icemaker 4695 drove out there at 2pm Dec 7 to confirm. He found 1/2" light snow over black ice, thickness TBD today. There will be boats there today, Dec 8 circa 11 am.