Minnetonka Ice Report

From Wekota Beach Park I walked halfway across Tonka Bay towards Big Island. The snow cover is down to the level where it's just starting to show grey on ~ 90 % of the area. This surface is ~ 1/4" of very dense snow, it easily gives way and compresses under foot to the underlying ice surface. The drifted 10% were generally under 1" deep consisting right now of perfect snowball fight grade snow.


The weekend weather forecast should take all the snow off by Sunday Afternoon, when we'll get down to the slush program for a little while.

Assessment: Right now, I'd be setting up with snow plates, bringing every runner I own, just in case. When the breeze fills in conditions will probably request a couple runner changes over the next 30 hours, e.g., at some point tomorrow afternoon I'm pretty sure angles will be the fastest, but who knows. I expect the lake will be suitable for at least a week.

Recomendation: an expedition to check out the main lower lake today, determining the most suitable place to set up some marks tomorrow. An early start will be kindest for the guys who don't have angles. Say 10:00... who wants in?

Launch Site: Cottagewood Fire Lane:



where are you?

Hello - I am at the launch site on Lake Minnetonka - is anyone else coming?

Sunday March 26th