Buffalo Lake, Buffalo MN

2 DN'ers sailed buffalo on Saturday in continually building breeze, the lake gave up 6 hours of spectacular sailing.

4 DN's sailed Sunday, 12 races sailed in continually building breeze. Until the wind was too much, and ice a bit too soft, it got pretty out of control by about 2:00. Hee Yaa!

This was truely the tightest racing of the season, with most races seeing the top three boats finish within 5-6 seconds. Picking the laylines right and keeping the boat moving in the moderately sticky conditions were the keys to winning.

Western Regional Champion 4811 Markham Chatterton won the first 2 on inserts, It was pretty amazing to watched them go away, in favor of angles in race three, as he backed out of the race on the first beat.

For two days in a row, the forecasters missed the breeze by a couple of time zones. And those of you who stayed home due to the forecast near calm conditions, remember in the future, the only reason they forecast the weather is to lend legitimacy to astrology.