Pepin ice

Have two reliable reports of good 8” ice on Pepin. It’s been sailed at Pepin, Wi.
Meyer and I will sail/scout Wed at 11 am. More are welcome to join us. Expect to sail from Lake City to Wisc side and Pepin too.
Hopeful for DN Westerns there next weekend. The recent snow missed them.

sailing sun 12/30

checked ice fri noon. quite smooth but still needs freezing as water under top layer of ice. should be good by sun as quite cold fri night and sat. should be checked again sat by harrys for sailing sun and mon before pos snow mon. Ice needs to be checked before sailing!!

A Christmas Miracle?!!!

I do not believe in Santa Claus but I do consider this a Christmas miracle. After all, there was no advanced warning: No phone call, no e-mail and no text message.
But, miraculously, there they were.
So, all I can do is thank the UPS driver for delivering my "lost" runners to my front door. And, a special thanks to whoever played a role in their safe return. My faith in the DN class has been restored.

Think Ice!

Thursday scrub racing on Tonka

Thursday at noon will see a group of iceboaters looking to race again on the new ice South of Bracketts. I drilled 5.5” on Tuesday. We had 2 DN’s, 2 mini skeeters and 2 Nites enjoying the 40 degree sunshine and 8-10 winds. We do not plan to cross the wet heave running North-South from Bracketts to the west tip of Big Island. Solum did cross it, but I got stuck!
Hope the NW winds stay below 15 on Thurs.

Lake Minnetonka

Beautiful weekend on Tonka in warm sunshine. DN’s ripped up the Main Lake North end on Sat They had one nice patch of new freeze about 4” thick to play on. JH Peterson posted on FB photos of all in race mode.

Big Iron! ISA 2018, Battle Lake

Battle Lake, Minnesota
Dec 7th-9th, 2018

Music: Big Iron by Marty Robbins

Light South Wind 5-10mph
22 degrees F.

mon pm. miller kennedy and meyer sailed main lake

rough spot and sm crack out from harrys. otherwise all eastern side of lake good. 6” with one late area 3”. not a 10 but very good. no cracks in this area. didnt go over to west side of lake. making more ice mon night. should be good yet for racing fri sat sun!! meyer

Tonka- Main Lake NOT SAFE

I know Mike said that standing a few hundred yards in front of Harry's that the ice towards Brackett's Point "looks" good but BEWARE! Standing on tip of Brackets Point this morning and looking towards Harry's I could see open water and duck holes. Also, while the big open spot that covered at least 1/3 of the main lake earlier this week is now mostly skimmed over it has not been scouted and I doubt it is more than an inch thick. The fisherman in Browns Bay this am said they would not venture out on the ice. The bait shop in Navarre said stay off the main lake.

Minnetonka ice update

Tonka Main lake at noon Sat. Walked out 200 yards from Harry’s public easement. Over 5.25 inches thick in 5 separate locations. The drill bit is only 5.25 inches! The first 100 yards was 50% rough ice and 50% stiff old snow up to 1” high. Would need to sail slow.
Out where my my drill photos are is much smoother ice with scattered drifts 1/2” high. Looks the same in all directions past MYC, Big Island and toward Bracketts Pt. Very sailable from MYC- Big Island- Excelsior. About a 6-7 scale. Must carry iceboats 75 feet at this launch.

sailing sun

good ice from harrys to almost shoewodd yc to sunrise pr. smooth hardly any snow or drifts. main lake stilk open spots fri noon so NOT safe from harrys north. put on at kittys sunset pt by log theater. procede with caution as not sailed yet!!! meyer

DN Runners Missing since Battle Lake

DN Runners Missing since Battle Lake.
3/16 carbon runners with wings. Built by Ron Sherry. In Black Harken runner bag with a Colorado College luggage tag that says 3/16 w/wing. May also have regatta stickers on them.
I sailed them on Sunday at the Great Western Challenge but they never made it home. I had to have taken them off in the pits.
Contact Mike (Six one two) 598-38 zero zero

Western Challange: This year was...EPIC!

Battle Lake, Minnesota. Site of the 2018 Great Western Challenge. Who could have predicted that this year’s Challenge would be…wait for it…epic!

For the first time in years, Saturday beat out Friday as the best day. Don’t get me wrong, Friday was still awesome. It was the perfect day to get back on the ice and dust off the cob webs. The 58 sailors that made the trek to northern Minnesota enjoyed medium air, a huge sheet of mostly smooth ice and more scrub races than their necks could handle.

Great Day on Battle Lake, Minnesota

Battle Lake, Minnesota
Dec 1st
Special Thanks to Mercedes and Deb and Pat for scoring 10 Races!!
NE Wind 15-20
25 Degrees

Music by Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners - This Girl

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