Going fast in a small area...

No ice these days, but there is plenty of faster-than-the-wind sailing to be done...

Here's a video of Geoff (US-5156) and Jim (US-5566) getting in some close-quarters boat-handling practice a few weeks ago:
This is one of the videos on my YouTube "blokart Sailing" playlist.

Carbon/Foam mast construction begins

Always hard to get started on iceboat work in the summer. Below is a video of construction of another new mast for the C skeeter. I have no idea what I am doing, and it won't be my first mast failure when I break it. Not sure if I actually have enough motivation (and money for carbon) to get it done, but it's a start. I don't know how to embed video very well, so it may take a couple tries. Think ice !!!!

Rumble seat A skeeter for sale - SOLD!!

Mattison designed hull, rumble seat A skeeter. Formerly John Hudak’s “Ho-Hum II”. Hopefully the new owner (unknown) returns it to it's former glory!! Don't be afraid to ask for help and advice if needed. There are a few of us crazy skeeter guys in Minnesota who are always willing to help.

THINK ICE: 2016 Worlds

It is never too early to think ice!
2016 DN Worlds: Austria! January 23 to January 30, 2016

Who's "in!"

Tonka: Ice Out April 5, 2015

The ice boat season is over...at least on Tonka.

The lake is officially liquid again as the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office declared "ice-out" on Sunday morning, April 5, 2015.

This news just in......

Mike Bloom launches boat. Film at 11.

DN Drone video: 2015 European Championships

Here is a link to some aerial drone video from the 2015 European DN Champs.


Skeeter Video

Another Sign of Spring.

Another sign of spring: Ore boats on lake Superior.

Thanks to U.S. Coast Guard ice cutters Alder and Mackinaw, there is an open shipping lane on Lake Superior. With that, the first boat of the season, the 768 feet long John G. Munson, is expected to leave Duluth harbor today for Gary, Indiana carrying nearly 26, 000 tons of iron ore. She left her winter layup berth at Superior on Sunday, fueled, then headed over to load taconite at the CN dock. The Munson likely will make the first down bound passage at the Soo Locks, en route to Gary.

Pat Heppert wins C class at ISA; McJimmy third

Pat Heppert raced his newly-built "Drifter" at the ISA this past weekend in Gladstone, MI and won his class. Sure there were only two boats in his class, but he completely designed and built this boat on his own and gave the B class a few worthy chases. Look for pictures of Pat and everyone else at iceboat.org. (This website is going through some changes, and the pictures may be posted at iceboat.weebly.org.)

ISA this weekend, March 20-22. Gladstone, MI. 6 hours

The report is 25" of hard ice. Need we say more?

JD and McJimmy are looking to give'r hell in the big Skeeter classes. Nites get their own start in the rotation. Think of it -- you can go fly around on a huge, locked-in sheet for three days.....or you can stay home and watch the girls' high school basketball tournament on TV.

Racing starts Friday morning.


Sailing Sunday

Hey everyone,

Planning to sail DNs in the Ashby area this Sunday. Primary site is Battle lake. Jimmy and I are headed up to get a day in and gather some intel for a regatta next week end. If you have any information on the conditions in that area please respond here. Modis pictures look good.

US 4691

Bob Pegel Memorial Service

Bob Pegel's memorial service is scheduled for March 28, 2015 at Toynton’s in Walworth, WI.
10 a.m. visitation. 11 a.m. service.

Bob Pegel: Sad News

Below is a slightly edited email I received from Loretta Rehe who wrote:

It is with great sadness that I notify you of the death of a great
iceboating ambassador. Bob Pegel died peacefully this morning.


Apostle Islands

Could be a fun trip,even if you don,t get to iceboat.

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