Bushey (DN 5158) Takes Top Honors...Off Ice!

Every year, in the spring, John Bushey (DN 5158), spends a few weeks quietly boiling maple sap at his sugar shack on the shores of Lake Riley. The fruit of his labor is the best maple syrup you will ever taste. This year, however, you need not take my word for it. This year, there is undeniable proof.

Apparently, syrup is graded as light, medium and dark and the Sapmeisters at the "Riley Sugarbush" produces all three. They entered thier light and dark grade syrup at the “MN Producers Meeting” this spring and took top honors. But, what really puts the Riley Sugarbush in a league all it's own is todays’ announcement that thier syrup won “Best in Show” at the Minnesota State fair.

You will recognize John on the ice this winter. He will have the only boat with a Blue Ribbon!